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Week 17

This week we will be taking part in a social distance sports day at school and we want you to be part of it! Therefore we will be looking at sport through the French language onto the famous artist Alberto Giacometti and creating our own sport sculptures, a quick recap and update on how to stay safe online and your very own Sock Olympics to take part in! I hope you enjoy it and we would love to see some pictures of your sculptures and Sock Olympic activities smiley




Today you will be learning about different sports and how to say and pronounce them in French. Then using your new knowledge you will be able to ask you family and friends which sports they prefer and plot your findings on a graph. The resources below will include questions to ask and also a matching image and word game.  Amusez-vous à découvrir de nouveaux sports.



Today we will be learning about Alberto Giacometti. Giacometti is best known for creating sculptures of the human body in particular positions. We are going to use this theme and create our own sculptures to represent different sports. You can use tin foil, play dough, clay or wire to create your sculptures. Have fun investigating and creating and don't forget to send us some pictures.



Today in school we will be competing in a social distance sports day and we want you to join in with the fun too. So welcome to the first ever Sock Olympics! Below you will find the instructions and activities you can complete in this brand new competition which you can do with your family and friends. All you will need is a pair of socks, a tape measure and a stop watch! Please send in pictures so we can celebrate your Olympic success' with you.

Thursday and Friday


Today and tomorrow we will be recapping and improving our knowledge on keeping safe online and how to keep safe from cyber bullying. I am sure you have being spending more time online doing your home learning etc and it is very important that you keep yourselves safe whilst online. In the documents below it will guide you through using search technologies effectively, appreciating how results are selected and ranked, and be discerning in evaluating digital content in the context of using search engines accurately. In addition to this the following lessons will emphasize how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognising acceptable/ unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns  about content and contact in the context of thinking about how online messages can be hurtful.


If you have any questions about online safety please or cyber bullying please do not hesitate to email us or ring the school and speak to us directly.