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Transporting food and keeping it fresh until it arrives at its destination- possibly the UK- uses energy and produces greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide.  These gases are emitted into the atmosphere and could contribute to climate change. There are different reasons as to why we might import food. Read through the information sheet and the videos below. 


Keep Trade Local - Why Shop Locally?

BBC Geography - Resource Management - Food

Where does our food come from? | BBC Teach

Once you have watched the videos, think of advantages and disadvantages of importing food. Create a table of advantages and disadvantages of importing food. 

If you have somebody at home who could join in, have a debate with them. One of you could argue for importing food and the other could argue against importing food. 


Your final piece of topic work is to use all that you have learnt so far to work through the journal attached below!


Don't forget to send any work you have completed!