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On this page you will find the topic activities for this week. Please send all completed work to



Day 1

Activity 1

Read about the artist Andy Warhol (see PowerPoint below). Complete a portrait of someone in your family in the style of Andy Warhol. Email photos of your work to the Year 1 team and your portrait will be added onto the school website.


Activity 2

Today we would like the children to have a go at labelling parts of the body. Sing head, shoulders, knees and toes with the actions. Go through the PowerPoint that looks at different parts of the body. Either print out the sheet below or draw your own picture of a body to label.

Day 2

Activity 1

Today’s science lesson is all about Lego. I know that many of you enjoy playing with Lego at school so I thought it would be interesting to learn a little bit about Lego. Go through the PowerPoint below and discuss as required. Then have a go at completing the Plastic Properties Sheet. The sheet can either be printed or you can draw a picture of lego and write describing words around it.


Activity 2

We would like you to have a go at labelling all of the countries the make up the UK. Have a look online or in a book at the UK. What 4 countries make up the UK? Colour in each country in a different colour eg: England in green, Scotland in blue, Wales in red and Northern Ireland in purple. Can you add the capital of each country to the map? You can either print off the map below or draw your own outline of the UK.

Day 3

Activity 1

For Geography, we would like you to research and draw all of the UK flags.

  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland


Activity 2

Discuss healthy eating and balanced diets.

  • What foods do you like? Dislike?
  • What foods are healthy?
  • What foods are not good for us?

After this, the children are to design their own healthy packed lunch. The children can either draw their lunch on a piece of paper (or in the printed lunch box picture below) or they can write what foods they would put into their healthy lunch box.

Day 4

Activity 1

Watch this video about the Christmas story - Religious Studies KS1: The Christian Story of the First Christmas - BBC Teach


Create a story map of the Christmas story. You can either print off the template below or draw your own boxes. When you have created your story map, use it to retell the Christmas story to someone in your house.


Activity 2

Create a picture of the nativity scene. You can use any materials that you have around the house. Think outside the box! You could use paint, tissue paper, lollipop sticks or coloured crayons.

Day 5

Your activity for this afternoon is to watch a Christmas film of your choice. Once you have watched this film we would like you to write a film review. What was your favourite part of the film? How many stars would you rate it? Can you draw a picture of your favourite part of the film? Have a look at the film review template below. You can either print this template or create your own.