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This week, our topic will be based around the new year - 2021! Be sure to send me your complete work on so that we can celebrate it on our home learning page.


Watch the story and read through the PowerPoint below. What do you know about New Year's resolutions? What would your resolutions be? What are your hopes for 2021?

Squirrel's New Year


Miss Wilks' New Years Resolution

This year, my resolution is to try and have more hobbies. 2 years I ran a marathon (which was a very long way!) and I would like to start running again. So far, I have already done a 10km run and I hope to keep this up during the lockdown to keep me fit and healthy. I would also like to spend less time on my electronic devices, like my phone so that I can spend more time with my family! What are your resolutions for the new year? How can you stick to them?


My hopes for 2021

My main hope for this year is for the virus to disappear and for school to reopen as normal! I hope that we can all be back together very soon and that we can spend the rest of year 2 making great memories together. I hope that we will all stay safe during this time and that you all keep in touch with me as much as possible. Feel free to email me on to tell me everything you have been getting up to! 


Use the template below or paper from home to write about your hopes and New Year's resolutions.  

Activity 2 - PSHE

What makes a good friend? Do you have lots of friends? Do you have a best friend? Watch the following clips about friends and friendship. Think about the qualities of a good friend. For example, they might be kind, caring, helpful, funny, respectful, brave, trustworthy and happy. 

What makes a good friend?

Little Voices: What Makes a Good Friend?

UP: Making friends

Similar to what we started in school, draw a picture of one of your friends and write words that best describe them. Use the template provided or any paper you have at home. If you send your finished work to me, I will display them on the home learning page for your friends to see!

Activity 3 - PSHE

Think about one of your friends in our class. What do they look like? Make a picture of your friend. It would be great if you could think a bit 'outside the box' and create your picture from different materials. Could you paint a picture of your friend? Could you draw and colour a picture of your friend? Could you make your picture from pasta, string or fabric? It would be great if you could email over a photograph of your creation but don't tell me which friend it is. I wonder if I could correctly guess? Look at the examples below for ideas.