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Wednesday - Geography


WALT: research layers of the earth


With help from the PowerPoint, research and find as much out as possible about the layers of the earth. Write information under sub-headings on activity sheet.

Thursday - French


WALT: ask and write 'How old are you?'


Learn how to ask and write 'How old are you?' and to reply to the question!


But first - we need to remember your numbers in French to be able to answer the question. If you can't remember or need a little recap click on the PowerPoint below that we did in class.  

Numbers in French

What to do


1. Watch and listen to the song to get to know how to ask 'How old are you?' and know how to reply. Focus on how it sounds and try repeating it. 

2. Go through the PowerPoint practising asking the question and the reply.

3. Once you are confident complete the activity sheet.   


Enjoy and have fun! Don't be afraid to mess up at first - have a go and keep trying!

Friday - Science


WALT: recognise types of rocks


What to do


1. Read through the information of the types of rocks.

2. Decide whether the rocks on the first sheet are natural or human-made by cutting out and sticking or writing the names under natural or man-made headings.  


Remember - if you can't print off the activity sheets. Then write the two headings - Natural and Man-made on a piece of paper and write the names of the rocks under the right headings. You could even have a go at drawing them!

Types of Rocks Information