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Afternoon work



Complete a variety of spelling activities. Click on the document below to see a range of different activities to help you learn your spellings. I will also attach the list of year 3/4 spelling words, as well as the year 5/6 ones. As we cannot fully continue with the Read Write Inc spellings, use words from these lists (especially ones you still need to learn!) to complete the activities. 


Once you have spent time completing the spelling activities, enjoy some PE. Click on the link below for Joe Wicks' first lesson back in March and have fun doing it!






Who was the most inspirational Saint- Joan of Arc or Saint Francis of Assisi? 

This lesson should be completed in two halves. Today's lesson is all about conducting your own research to help answer this question. 


Spend some time using any books you may have or the internet to find out information about them. You will need to use your research next lesson, so make sure your notes are detailed and kept somewhere safe. 


Click on the images below for a few useful links to help you start your research.










Art- Geometric shapes 


Have a look through both of the PowerPoints below to find out a little bit about Picasso and his work. Your task is to create your own cubism portrait! Make sure you use bold lines, colours, emotion, strong shapes and different proportions. We can't wait to see what you can come up with!


Here are some examples:


Challenge: answer the questions attached on the document below. Write your answers on any paper you have at home.