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Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Let's have some fun learning all about castles! 


Once you have completed the activities for the week make sure to send me your work on


Miss Wilks x 




What is a castle?

Watch the different clips below and read through the 'Parts of a Castle' PowerPoint. Either print off the sheet below and label the parts of a castle or draw the castle on paper and then label. 

Love Castles

Castles for Kids: What is a Castle?

A Mini Guide to Medieval Castles



History of Castles

Find out all about different types of castles using the links below. You might need a bit of help from an adult with some of the reading but don't worry about trying to read everything, pick out the interesting bits. I think the pictures are the best bits! Discuss what you have learnt with an adult. How about creating a poster about castles! Your poster could include a bold heading, lots of pictures and interesting facts about castles. I have included a template below but feel free to design your own on paper. Make sure your poster is of a 'take care' standard with lovely handwriting and colouring. 



Can you build a castle?

This is my favourite lesson of the week so I am very excited to see what you all create! We would like you to make a castle. It can be from any material of your choice. For example, you could use Lego or cardboard boxes. You could even paint your castle once it is made. Don't worry if this turns into a mini project and takes a few days to complete. We would love to see your models so please send in lots of photographs. I wonder what type of castle you will make. Will it be an 11th century ‘Motte and Bailey Castle’ or a 14th-century‘ Courtyard Castle’? Below are examples of different castles and also a video which may be useful.

How To Make A Cardboard Castle



What is Pulse? - Creating Simple Patterns 

Let's have some fun with music. Below are two short music lessons for you to join in with. Find a nice spot, get you singing voices ready and off you go! Click on the images below and they will take you directly to the website.



What does friendship mean?

Watch the following clips about friendship and then complete the attached cut and stick activity. If you don't have a printer you could complete the activity on a piece of paper or discuss it with an adult. 

The meaning of friendship for kids

Extra Fun