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Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Let's have some fun learning all about TOWERS! 


Once you have completed the activities for the week make sure to send me your work on

Love Miss Wilks



Monday (Geography)

Famous Towers around the World

Can you think of any famous towers? Watch the following clips and visit the website to find out about different famous towers. Where in the world are the famous towers located?

Top 10 Famous Towers in The World

Your task is to find where the following towers are located. You will need to have a 'Google' to find the answers. Once you have found the answers you can simply write them on a piece of paper or cut and stick the images onto a world map. Both resources can be found below.


Tuesday (D&T / Science)

Build a Tower

Let's have some fun today. Using materials found around your house or garden, build yourself a tower. Think carefully about how you can make your tower taller but at the same time stop it from falling over. How tall is your tower? Could you use a ruler or tape measure to find out? Could you give your tower a name? Take a picture and send it over!


Wednesday (D&T / Science / Maths)

Tallest Tower Challenge

Let's have some more fun today by investigating which objects are best for building tall towers. Your challenge is to try and build the tallest tower you can, using a range of different materials from around your house and garden. You could use building blocks, tins or cans from the kitchen cupboards, sugar cubes, toilet rolls, pillows, boxes... the possibilities are endless. Think carefully! How could you change the shape of your tower to help make it more stable? After you have made each tower, measure the height using a ruler or tape measure and record it on a piece of paper. Once complete, order your towers from shortest to tallest e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd... I have attached a recording sheet if you wish to use it. 

Thursday (Music)

Understanding how Sound is Represented by Symbols

Below are two short music lessons for you to join in with. Find a nice spot, get you singing voices ready and off you go! Click on the images below and they will take you directly to the website. Have fun!

Friday (PSHE)

Friendship - Friendly and Unfriendly

Discuss the terms 'friendly' and 'unfriendly' with an adult. What do the words mean? What actions could be friendly and what actions could be unfriendly? Complete the cut and stick activity below. Don't worry about printing it off. You could complete the activity on a piece of paper by drawing the pictures under the correct headings or simply discuss it with an adult. 

Extra Fun