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Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Let's have some fun learning all about BRIDGES! 


Once you have completed the activities for the week make sure to send me your work on


Mrs Parkes 

Monday (Science)

Introduction to Bridges

Watch the different clips and work though the PowerPoint. Then complete the types of bridges sketching sheet.

What Makes Bridges So Strong?

Tuesday (Geography)

Famous Bridges

Can you think of any famous bridges? Watch the following clips and work through the PowerPoint to find out about different famous bridges. Where in the world are the famous bridges located?

Top 10 Most Famous Bridges In The World

Your task is to find where the following bridges are located. You will need to have a 'Google' to find the answers. Once you have found the answers you can simply write them on a piece of paper or cut and stick the images onto a world map. Both the resources can be found below.


Wednesday (Science and Maths)

Bridge Building Challenge

Thursday (Music)

Maintaining Pulse and Finding the Strong Beats

Identifying Tempo: Terminology

Below are two short music lessons for you to join in with. Find a nice spot, get you singing voices ready and off you go! Click on the images below and they will take you directly to the website. Have fun!


Friday (PSHE)

Let's all be happy!

Discuss the feelings 'happy,' 'sad' and 'angry'. What do they mean? How do they make you feel? What do they look like? Can you make a happy face? Can you make a sad face? Can you make a angry face?  Watch the clip below and then have a think about the different things that make you happy and sad/angry. Complete the sheet below by adding 'take care' drawings and writing. Don't worry about printing it off. You could complete the activity on a piece of paper or simply discuss it with an adult. 


Happy and Sad

Extra Fun