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Using Maps to Identify Key Features

Visit the following websites:

This website will enable you to create a map of Balderton and other areas by entering a postcode or street name. You can then zoom in and out in order to identify different features. What can you identify?

This website starts with an image of the word. Can you identify any of the different countries? You can then zoom into the UK, then England (country), then Nottingham (city), then Newark (town) and then finally Balderton (village). What key features can you identify?


Now label the key features on the map of Balderton. 


The Lost Sheep

Read the PowerPoint 'The Lost Sheep' and then complete the crossword.


Growing and Changing

Work through slides 1 - 13 on the PowerPoint 'Growing and Changing Lesson Presentation' and then complete one or both of the following activities...

  • Growing and changing mini book
  • Cut and match growing and changing cards 

Work through the remaining slides on the PowerPoint 'Growing and Changing Lesson Presentation' and complete the 'Growth Enquiry Comparative Test'. 


Let's have some fun this World Book Day. Look through the Taster Menu below. What activities will you pick to complete?