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Try something different


This week, for your try something different, I would like you to have a go at creating a positivity tree! In these uncertain times, it can be tricky to remember how many reasons we have to be positive. All of you have reasons to be positive and reasons to be grateful. So, your task for this week is to create a tree, where the branches or leaves are full of your reasons to be positive. These might be personal to you, or slightly more generic. 


Think of as many reasons as you can! I'm sure your grown ups might be able to help you think of some more reasons as well! Sometimes, it is nice to remind ourselves of the good things and they often make us feel a little happier! 


You can be as creative as you like, you could draw your tree, make it on the computer, make it out of junk modelling or maybe even use a real tree in your garden (that idea was stolen from Amber!).


Whatever you do, don't forget to take a picture. You can send them to me via email and you could even put a copy in your time capsule to look back on in years to come!


Have fun creating it and I hope it puts a smile on your face laugh