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Try something different


This week, I would like you to try to be extra kind in all sorts of different ways! I would like all of you to do at least one good deed every day this week. Some of you might already do at least one good deed every day, but if you think that, think about what else you could do to do one extra every day! 


Your good deeds might include giving someone a compliment, helping someone to do something, helping a neighbour, giving a friend a gift, doing something to help the environment, helping to cheer someone up or checking up on someone you haven't heard from for a while- anything you can think of! 


Keep a record of all of the good deeds you do this week and send them over to us. We often tell you how important it is to be kind, but this is so relevant right now as lots of people are worried or feeling down at the moment. You might make their day by doing something so simple but so kind!


Let's all look after each other and see how we can spread a little bit of kindness and put some smiles on people's faces! laugh


I wonder how many good deeds Mrs Martin and Miss Tagliati will do?? 

I will be trying to get some in!