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Try something different


I hope you all had a lovely half term, I know some of you have been extra busy! 

This week, your challenge is to make a den or shelter. How you build your den is completely up to you. You could make it indoors or outdoors, it could be just for you or it could be for your brother or sister- or even your whole family! Whatever you do is up to you. Whatever you do in it is also up to you- you might just want to chill for a bit, play a game, read a book or you might want have a sleepover in it (or just a late night!).

For those of you who can, it might be a fun idea to camp outside in your shelter/den! You could even sing some campfire songs and imagine you are camping! You should all know at least two from what Lily and I have sung this year! If you can't remember, you could Google some. 


Have fun making your shelter! We can't wait to see what you come up with. Whatever you decide, don't forget to send a picture in for us to see!