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This week, I came across a picture of somebody creating snake bubbles.. I was very intrigued and decided to investigate and even have a go myself! 

I took some pictures of what I was doing to show you the different steps:


1. You will need:

-a bowl of water 


-a cloth or an old sock

-an old plastic bottle

-washing up liquid

-a rubber band (I couldn't find one so I used a scrunchie!)

-food colouring (optional)


2. Cut the bottom of the bottle off.


3. Cover the wide end of the bottle with your cloth or sock and secure it in place with a rubber band.


4. Add some washing up liquid into your water. The more you add, the more bubbles you will create, but you don't need a lot.

You can also create more bubbles by putting some washing up liquid directly onto your cloth/sock as well!


5. Dip the bubble blower into your bowl of water/washing up liquid!


6. Blow into the bottle top and watch your snake bubble appear and grow!

*Ask your grown ups where would be the best place to make yours, you might be better outside!


If you want to create a rainbow one, you can try adding some food colouring onto your sock/cloth! 


Click on the image below to watch a YouTube video of somebody creating theirs.



Have a go and have fun creating yours! Let us know how you get on!