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Try Something Different


For this week's activity, we would like you to have a go at tying some different knots and learn a new skill! This challenge has been inspired by Kyan, who has been learning how to tie different knots with Cubs.


Tying knots can be more important than we think. Tying knots promotes hand-eye coordination and develops problem solving skills! You never know when you might need to build something or secure something- particularly in the wilderness! 

The only knot I can tie is a friendship knot in my necker! I think Kyan has done really well to learn how to do a clove hitch and a reef knot. Are there any that you can already do?


There are lots of different knots that you could try!



Below, I am going to post some different kinds of knots and instructions for how to complete them- as well as a video tutorial from Kyan- how to create a clove hitch knot!

We think it would be fab if you can all try to three different or new knots!





Have a look on YouTube, there are lots of good tutorials!


Still image for this video