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Try Something Different


As this is our final week of Home Learning, we thought it would be nice to reflect on some of your memories. 

You have been at home for a while now and I am sure that being at school seems like it was a long time ago. You have probably also had a lot of time to think about school and your different memories.


Why not create a memory jar?!  Just grab an old empty jar, clean it up and label it or decorate it! 


Once you have done that, fill the jar with lots and lots of your school memories! Think back to the start of year 5- we have done loads together- and that doesn't any of your own memories with your friends! We went to London, met Cracker, had the Egyptian Partake day, Time Travelling at Southwell Minster, science experiments, some of our art work that you have enjoyed, swimming, our impressive World War One assembly or making our video on the last day before schools closed!


You could even think about some of your earlier memories in school. Despite our year being cut short and having some tricky days and some harder days, I know that all of you have some fantastic memories from year 5 and beyond. This could even be something you continue to add to throughout your time in year 6. 


Have fun making your jar and I hope that thinking about some of your happy memories will cheer you up and help you prepare for your return to school in September. 

You have all been fantastic to work with and I know you will have a fabulous time in year 6! heart