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Walt: Introduce Varjak Paw and read chapter 1


Show the children the front cover, what do you think this book will be about? What clues have you got on the front cover? What do you think from reading the blurb?






Explain to the children that Varjak Paw is the name of a cat. Encourage them to predict the type of story and the sort of cat they think Varjak Paw might be. It may be appropriate to provide them with words to describe characters and stories. Encourage children to share their answers and use the image to justify their initial ideas. You might want to give the children prompts to encourage them to articulate their first thoughts in sentences: I think Varjak Paw will be... This story will be about...


After this, read the first chapter pg7-14 with your child and see if their idea was correct or would they like to change their minds based on what they have just read?


I have also added a video of myself reading the first chapter on to Microsoft Teams files if you would like to listen. 


To find it go to your team and across the top it says posts then files. Click on files and the document is labelled Chapter 1-Varjak Paw smiley