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Walt: Danger or risk

Explain the difference between danger and risk. A danger is a threat to someone in some way e.g stepping out into the road without looking. A risk is when someone can weigh up the danger and make a decision about what to do e.g. looking for traffic and only stepping into road when it is clear.

Ask the children to give you some examples of a dangerous situation.

As the children to give you some examples of a risky situation. What sort of things could be risky at school? At home? In the street?

Where in our body do we experience feeling uncertain or unsafe? [butterflies in stomach, dry throat, feeling shaky, other ideas]

These are the steps that someone should take when they are weighing up a risky situation and are trying to decide what to do: 

  1. Stop
  2. Take a breath
  3. Weigh up the consequences
  4. Think
  5. Think a bit more
  6. Decide


You can add physical actions to this sequence or can make up a set of actions to reinforce the steps, e.g.

  1. Stop: stop and stand still
  2. Take a breath: deep breath
  3. Weigh up the consequences: use hands as weighing scales
  4. Think: raise a finger in thought
  5. Think again: so same again
  6. Decide: step forward



Adult reads out the story Do we take the risk? in which some children need to decide whether to take a risk or not. Adult pauses at the * [questions] to ask the children what they think the characters should do. The class decides on what the risks are and whether to take them.