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Walt: Improve my PE skills


The children will be continuing with their Mini Kixx lesson on Youtube- Session 3.



PSHE- Mental Health week 1st-7th February:

Express Yourself!


Walt: Why are you fantastic?


Read the U Factor story, then ask these questions:

  1. Before the U Factor, how did Zane feel about his singing?
  2. Who helped him to feel this? [parents, family, friends, school.]
  3. Was Mr Thomas being mean? [No, just realistic - and trying to  help.]
  4. How did Zane feel when he got through to the next round?
  5. What became as important to him (perhaps even more important) as his singing?
  6. What did he believe about his singing? Who led him to believe this?
  7. Were they right?
  8. At the very end, how do you think he coped? What helped him?


You are then going to complete the ‘I am fantastic’ worksheet. Remember you are all fantastic!