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Walt: Write a descriptive text in first person


As Varjak sits on the top of the wall at the end of the chapter 5 from yesterday, how do you think he is feeling? Think about what happened in all the chapters including the family council meeting, worrying over the Contessa, arrival of new characters, the family council changing, the fact Varjak has never left home, his worry and anxiety over Elder Paw and what is the right thing to do etc.


Pretend you are Varjak Paw.  (Write up the following sentence stems)

I can see …

I can hear …

I can feel …

I can taste …


Then discuss how they could be completed. Challenge children to come up with more abstract ideas, e.g.

“I can see my future”


“I can taste fear”.


Children need to produce a short piece of writing from Varjak’s point of view. They are to include excellent description and write about his feelings as he sits on top of the wall and processes what has happened and what may happen in his future.


All writing to be written in full sentences with a focus on capitals letters to start EVERY sentence and punctuation to end EVERY SENTENCE. With fingers spaces between EACH word.



Write in paragraphs using adverbs and adverbial phrases from last week’s learning. Focus on abstract ideas.