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Wednesday 21st July





Main activity: Your time is nearing an end and for our assembly is just around the corner. 


I’ve been googling a lot about Leavers Assembly ideas etc. and I’ve read some brilliant poems, ones that nearly made me cry and I’d like for you to spend some time looking at different leavers poems/class of 2021 poems. There are some examples below:




Once you’ve read these examples, what could we put in our poems? What are the key features of these poems? Your poem doesn’t have to rhyme!

You have today and tomorrow’s lesson to create your poem and once you’ve written it up in best, I’d like you to decorate the page that is on, again, look at different examples – perhaps write class of 2021 in bubble writing, draw balloons, it’s your choice!!







HELP! We are going to have to pull off this Leavers Assembly, very quickly so get your thinking caps on!

What would you like our Leavers Assembly to look like? What memories would you like to share? Would you like to share a song with your parents, if so, what song? Do you know of any nice poems that we could share?

It is your assembly and we know how much this means to you all and us and your parents so we want to make it special so get thinking and planning as to how we could do this. Come back to school armed with all your ideas!