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Each day you will need to follow the instructions given, which involve working through a PowerPoint this week! Once you have done that, complete the level of work you would normally complete in school. Don't forget to keep playing on Prodigy and practising your times tables! You should also complete the Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning set for each day.


I have also set you an assessment and a new placement test to complete on Prodigy, so please log on this week and do them. If you have forgotten your log in then I can resend it for you laugh


If you are finding it tricky or have any questions, email us:



Look at slides 5-9 on the PowerPoint below (Perimeter of rectangles) then complete the Bronze/Silver/Gold tasks below. 

If you choose Bronze, complete Q1-4.

If you choose Silver, complete page 1 or page 2 of this level.
If you choose Gold, complete page 1 or page 2 of this level.
If you want to attempt the extension challenge, complete Q5-7 of the Bronze and extension challenge.



Look at slides 5-9 on today's PowerPoint- Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes. 


Complete your task- Bronze, Silver and Gold below.



Look through slides 7-9 on todays PowerPoint- Calculate Perimeter. You might need to remind yourselves how many centimetres are in a metre!


Complete the challenges below.