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Week 10


Hello Red Squirrels


I know it's hard to believe (as it doesn't quite feel like half term!) that we should have broken up from school last week for our half term holiday. I know lots of you had plans for this week, but of course we are all still trying our best to stay safe.

Just like we did over the Easter Holidays, we will upload some challenges and some activities that you could this week. There is no expectation that you complete lots of work this week, but I know that some of you do still want some activities to keep you going- and I love receiving emails from you and your grown ups, seeing what you have been up to! 


I am missing you all lots and I hope you are keeping busy! Hopefully, it won't be too long until we see each other again! Make sure you look after each other, stay safe and keep smiling!


Love Mrs Martin xxx


Don't forget to email us with any work that you do do this week as we would still love to see!! 


Below, you will find a few attachments with lots of different activities for you to complete this week- mostly with your family. As I said, you do not need to complete them all and lots of them are just for fun! It would be amazing though, if you do manage to complete some. If you do, email us some pictures or let us know which challenges you've completed! 


Please do not be put off by the amount of attachments- some of the challenges are so simple! I am sure that every single one of you can stay in your pyjamas for the day!!! 


Document 1; Half Term Challenges- there are lots of activities on here, including chances to get creative. Activities include making play dough, making a card, playing games, a beetle drive and some activities that you should have already done (baking and making the time capsule). There's even an origami one! For those in my enrichment group, I have high hopes!! Don't worry if you don't have any dice, you could just choose the activities yourself. 


Document 2; Activities and worksheets from Prodigy! These include a variety of challenges based on Maths, English, PE as well as social and emotional activities. 


Document 3; Wildlife Passport! There are lots of challenges for you to complete including a plastic free day, splashing in puddles and watching the sun rise or set!


Document 4; A colouring sheet- a chance for you to colour in your own version of the image above! 


Document 5; Create your own Pokemon, as well as a Pokedex! There are a couple of examples for you to look at. 


Document 6; 30 Challenges for you to complete at home. These activities also include some you have already done, so you can tick those off already! Can you create a video? I would love to see your video message! Have a go at learning a dance, building a tower, playing noughts and crosses, having a pyjama day or making a paper aeroplane (no excuses for that one for some of you!!).


Have fun! Have a go at as many as you can! 


Remember, you do not need to have a printer to complete most of the challenges! If you have any questions or anything to share, then email them across. We cannot wait to see! laugh