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Week 15

Hello Robins!

Welcome to week 15 of home learning.


Hello again Robins! I hope that you enjoyed last week and the glorious sunshine that we were blessed with. I certainly did! It was great to speak to some of you last week on the phone and hear about what you've been getting up to. I know that it's been a long 15 weeks but now is the final push so we just need to keep working hard for a few weeks until we will be able to have a break for the summer holidays. Keep up the amazing work and parents have a read of the message below. 

Love Miss Wilks x



Message for Parents

Hello lovely parents. After speaking to most of you this week, it seems that after a long 15 weeks, motivating your children has become increasingly more difficult. Hopefully, these videos will give you some support in how to tackle Maths and writing home learning and get the most out of these last few weeks. Some of the key points are mastering number bonds, times tables and having efficient methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We include these with our oral starters and Fluent in 5, so prioritise these activities. There is also a video on how to support writing in different ways. There are lots of helpful tips that are easy to try.

I hope this helps! 

Miss Wilks smiley