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Week 18 (Last week of Year 2!)


Hello for the final time! This is our final week of home learning together and your official last week of year 2! When you come back to school in September, you will be in year 3 and you will absolutely love it. I taught in year 3 last year and there are some fabulous topics that you will really enjoy! You will be in Key Stage 2 (which is very grown-up) so you will have to come and give me a wave when you are near my classroom. Mrs Cooper is an amazing teacher and she will be lucky to have such an amazing class. I have told her all about each of you and she is very excited to meet you all properly.
I am very sad that we didn’t get a full year together but the time we did spend together was wonderful. We had lots of laughs - don't forget to use your toe spaces in year 3! After a long 17 weeks of home learning, you should all enjoy your well-deserved summer holiday and get yourselves ready for full-time schooling again! 
Thank you for a fantastic year and I can’t wait to see you back at school in September. 
If you have anything exciting to tell me, remember that I am only an email away.
Love from Miss Wilks heart



So, I have uploaded 2 activity booklets for you to have a crack at. You can complete them throughout the week and use them throughout the summer holidays. They are a step between year 2 and year 3 learning to give you a head start in September!

Have a go so that you can impress Mrs Cooper in September! 



There is also an 'Elsa Support' activity to complete. All the instructions are included but your challenge is to create a summer diary!