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Week 3


Hey Dragonflies! 


I really hope you are all okay. It feels a little bit weird to think that we should have been breaking up for Easter today! I hope that you have been getting on okay. I'm sure lots of you have been busy playing, learning and having some fun.


I can see that some of you have been working really hard on Prodigy and a fair few of you have even completed your placement test now! For those of you that haven't, it will expire on the 9th April, so please make sure you do it this week. It is really important so that we can see how much progress you make when you play. 


Anyway, as it would be the holidays now, we are not going to set lots of work for you like normal, but we are also aware that some of you do want some work to keep tackling! So, with this in mind, I have attached a variety of things for you to do below:

-some science experiments 

-some more Pobble comprehension activities 

-some Disney themed colouring

-a chocolate maths challenge

-a Fair Trade challenge 

- a couple of Easter activities (more to go on week 4)


Here is also a link to the Wildlife Trust's website. There are lots of activities on there for you to have a look at.

I would be really impressed if you could complete one activity from the "Things to do" section AND one from the "Things to Make" section and even more impressed if you send me the evidence!


I will put some other activities and challenges into the Week 4 folder to break them up a little bit, but I will put them on now, so you can have a sneak peak if you want! Also, make sure you ask your grown ups to keep an eye on the Facebook page for something!


Hopefully this wont last for too long and we will all be back together soon! 

Keep smiling laugh


Miss Travers x