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Week 4


Happy Easter! 


Hopefully you have had enough to keep you busy. If not, or if you fancy something slightly different or you're finding things quite tricky, then let us know!


This week, you can find:

-some more Easter themed activities

-Pobble comprehension activities

-some more science experiments

-a Disney image/film challenge 

-another Fair Trade challenge...


..... as well as a challenge from myself and Miss Tagliati!

We would like to see how creative you can be! 

What can you make that is Easter themed AND edible?!

As you can see, we have put some pictures on for you to look at, but I already know that some of yours will look even better! Have a little think and see what you can think of. What is the best thing that you can think of? What would you want to eat? Can you make it Easter themed?


We can't wait to see what you come up with and I have no doubts that you will make us feel very hungry!

Send your pictures to either of us (or both of us!) so we can see whose looks the best! laugh


Miss Travers and Miss Tagliati x

Look very closely at the image above.. There are lots of clues to help you guess 41 Disney films! I have tried and have definitely not got 41!! So I am hoping you can do much better than me! I have had a couple of breaks and gone back to it and come to the conclusion that I just don't have a good enough knowledge of Disney films.... but I know some children who do! Keep me posted with how many you manage to find...