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Week 8

Hi Caterpillars!


It was so, so lovely to catch up with you all last week and hearing your voices over the phone really helped put a smile on my face! 💞 I can’t believe it has been 7 weeks since I last saw you all and we are now onto Week 8 of Home Learning! I know it`s all a little bit weird but you`re doing so well - I`m proud of you all!

Hopefully we`ll be able to see each other again soon - I`m keeping my fingers crossed! 🤞🏼 


We have decided to try something a little different for your home learning activities this week...

Over the next few weeks you will be travelling the world!! (From your home of course! 😅) 

We will be exploring lots of different countries with activities linked to each one! We hope you enjoy this and have good fun with it! 🤗


Keep your photos coming on Tapestry - I love to see them all!

Take care Caterpillars, I miss you 🐛💖


Love Miss Laskey xx

Home Learning Tasks Week 8