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Books to The Gambia


After sorting out our KS2 libraries, we had quite a lot of books that were being replaced by new stock. 

Sylvia Morgan is the director of the New Life Children's Centres in The Gambia. She has hired a 20 ft container to take out as much school equipment as she can to the two centres.

We are really pleased that our reading books and old exercise books will be sent out with her and put to such good use.

If any of you have any contacts - please get in touch with Mrs Martin. Sylvia is looking for books/ exercise books/ classroom equipment - even furniture! Many thanks.


Attendance Awards December 2015

John Hunt Christmas Carol Concert.

John Hunt Winter Wonderland! Santa's little helpers set up a surprise for our children on the last day of term!

Responding to events in France 16th November

Following the awful events in France the French flag flew from our flagpole today at half-mast as a sign of respect.  During our Monday assembly we held a minutes silence for those who were affected.  In the news we know that some Muslims caused this incident but we also understand that not all Muslims would agree with this way of acting.  Freedom to think and be ourselves is important for everyone in the world - no matter who they are people should not try to take away our Liberty and let people live there lives in freedom. 

Candles at Duarte square in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republican (15 Nov 2015)

Assembly theme for week beginning 16th November

During our assemblies this week we are thinking about tolerance during interfaith week.  This also gives us chance to think about Anti-bullying week as well and trying to find ways to work with each other to be supportive.

Children in Need - 13th November


Earlier in the term our School Council voted to support Children in Need as one of our charity events for the year.  We came dressed as super-heroes and organised some activities in class.  At the end of the day we were very proud to have beaten our record for Children in Need fundraising.  This year we raised an amazing




This was nearly double the amount raised last year.   Thank you to everyone who supported this.

Remembrance Day - 11th November


Every year the school gathers together on 11th November (or the day nearest to it if this is a weekend) to hold an assembly at 10.45am rather than our normal time.  We spend time thinking about the sacrifices people have made to help protect our democracy and we spend time thinking about how we can help create a future when people do not need to use war against each other.  We light a candle of remembrance and peace.  Many of us wear poppies of all kinds to show our respect for this occasion.  We think about people from Britain and other countries who have been involved in wars and who have been affected by them.


In time for our two minutes of silence at 11.00am pupils from Year 6 share their prayers/poems.  One of them then reads aloud the following before we all join together with the ending and then spending two minutes in silence.


They shall not grow old,

As we that are left grow old. 

Age shall not weary them,

Nor the years condemn. 

At the going down of the sun

and in the morning,

We will remember them.

We will remember them. 


During our assembly we are able to watch a powerpoint presentation with slides showing different images to do with Remembrance Day.  This reminds us of all sorts of different people from British society who are involved and the different religions which are involved and affected by war.

Poppy Appeal


The local branch of the Royal British Legion has thanked the school for raising money for this year's Poppy Appeal.  Altogether a total of £255-04 has been raised through donations from the school. 

Assembly theme for week beginning 9th November

Assemblies this week have been very busy but we found time to think about Diwali and how this is a very important festival for Hindu people.  As part of our Remembrance Day event we also recognised that Hindus as well as other religions are a part of our British society.

Assembly theme for week beginning 2nd November

Because it is Bonfire Night this week we have talked about fire safety in our assemblies. 

Assembly theme for week beginning 19th October

We were thinking about this week about stereotypes and how sometimes we need to think differently about people.  The posters around school help to remind us about some of the things we talked about.

Assembly theme for week beginning 12th October

During this week we have been thinking about Health and Hygiene.  In our school we were thinking especially about hand washing.  This was because 15th October was Global Handwashing Day.

Assembly theme for week beginning 5th October

As part of Black History month we have been thinking about positive contributions to British history by members of our society who are Black. 

Assembly theme for week beginning 28th September

During this week we have been thinking about supporting people through struggles. 

As part of this we learnt a little about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and how this is important for many Jews. 


Assembly theme for week beginning 21st September


During this week we were thinking about Reading and how we can enjoy books as part of reading week.  Some of the teachers shared their favourite books with us.

Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest serving monarch of the United Kingdom - September 2015


At the start of the school year children across the school planted bulbs to mark the occasion of Her Majesty becoming our longest serving monarch. 

As part of this we invited a number of local VIPs to join with us. 

The MP for Newark joined us on the second day of term to help begin the bulb planting process.  Year 5 were very keen to find out about his role and how he was democratically elected.  The children were able to talk about the elections being held shortly in school for our own School Councillors and were able to compare the process.


Members of the Local Parish Council also visited and the Chair of the Council was also pleased to hear about our elections.


As representative of Her Majesty we were very lucky to have Year 6 joined by one of Nottinghamshire's Deputy Lieutenants at the end of the cycle of bulb planting. 


We look forward to seeing the bulbs producing a display of flowers in the spring to hopefully celebrate the Queen's Accession Day in February as well as her 90th birthday in April.