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World Book Day!!


It’s such a shame that we can’t be together for World Book Day however we have some very exciting activities for you to try!

We are dedicating your whole day to World Book Day so enjoy the day of something different.

The whole school has been sent a menu for you to choose some activities from which sound super exciting, as we've told you'd we'd LOVE for you to take part in our World Book Day Bake Off.

The rest of the day is your choice and the menu is attached at the bottom of the page so you can choose other things but we've also outlined what we'll be doing in school. 

Make sure you send us lots of pictures of your day! smiley



Activity 1



The Rules

They are very simple, you must choose one of the following categories:

Bake a cake and decorate it with your favourite books front cover

Bake a cake and decorate it with your favourite character

Bake a recipe from one of your favourite books or inspired from your favourite book, for example, Bruce Bogtrotters Chocolate Cake.


How will we judge?

You will need to send in pictures of your bake (it might be that it isn’t a cake). We need to see lots of pictures of it to be able to judge, you also need to send in a picture of you holding your bake. You could also ask your siblings/parents/carers to try some of your bake and you could tell us what their opinion of it was? You might also want to tell us why you’ve chosen to bake this specific thing!

Once we have received everyone’s pictures of their bakes and done some very important judging, we will let you know the results on Monday 8th March when we reunite, there will be a prize or two!

Remember to have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up! Happy baking!


Activity 2


Write a letter to your favourite author

Think carefully about your favourite book, it might be one you read a few years ago and it’s stuck with you for all this time or one that you’ve read recently. Think about why you loved it, who was your favourite character in this book, did you like the ending, was the ending how you wanted? Think carefully about all of these things and write a letter/postcard to them. I think if I were to write to my favourite author of a children’s book I would choose Anthony Horowitz as I LOVE the Alex Rider series, particularly Stormbreaker. Make sure you send us a picture of your letter, we can then try to see if we can share them with your favourite author.


Activity 3


Design a new cover for your favourite book/design a World Book Day bookmark

Think about your favourite book perhaps it’s the one from earlier when you wrote to your favourite author. Think about what the book is about, think about how the front cover might reflect that. Have a go at designing your own version of your favourite books front cover. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Or you might want to design a funky bookmark, a bookmark is a lovely thing to have so maybe you’d like to make one, full of little drawings of your favourite books/characters? Entirely up to you.


Activity 4


Potato character

You must now think we’ve gone mad. I promise you we haven’t! Create your favourite character from a potato!




World Book Day Menu



See the menu attached below for inspiration for activities if you don't want to do the ones above. 

Have a great day whatever you choose to do! 

We look forward to seeing the pictures smiley