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Hello everyone ! Our last week as Year 5! Well done for trying so hard. You are all amazing!


This week, the grammar focus is to recap nouns.

Sing along to the song to remind yourself of the 5 different types of nouns. 

Then watch the PowerPoint.

There are two activities to complete.

Sing along Year 5!

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15.02.13-Noun-Types (1).mp4

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Follow the key questions to sort the nouns


Today you are going to write a poem about a feeling.

Use the prompts to help you.

Here is an example of a poem about the emotion fear:




Fear is black like stormy clouds.

It tastes like cold rice pudding.

It smells musty and damp.

It looks like a dark lonely street.

It sounds like echoing footsteps.

It feels like being alone

Emotion Poem planning sheet


Read the lovely poem - The Magic Box - Kit Wright.

Which things made you laugh?

Which part do you like the best?

Do any of the sentences give you a picture in your mind?

Notice the  alliteration  - the swish of a silk sari on a summer night.

The Magic box is full of textures, sights and sounds, which you would not normally be able to put into a box of any sort.

But this is a magic box, anything can and will go in.


Can you design your own magic box poem?

Why not copy it up and make it look really magical?

We look forward to seeing your very last piece of Home Learning work!

The Magic Box - Kit Wright