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Myths and Legends


Dragon myths and legends have been told throughout the world and throughout the ages.

You probably already know about dragons. They are gigantic reptiles complete with claws and teeth. Most of them can fly and breathe fire. Some are evil, while others can be good.


Lincoln Castle are challenging children to write an imaginative, mythical and creative short story: 



Lucy is on her way!  Travelling from distant lands far away, we expect her to arrive in Lincoln very soon!  Keep your eyes peeled to the sky and you might be lucky enough to see our magnificent dragon as she makes her way to her favourite residence, Lincoln Castle.

Lucy has been a visitor to Lincoln Castle every one hundred years and has witnessed and experienced so much over the last thousand years!  We are hoping that you will be able to help tell her stories!  Although she is sad that you will not be there in person to greet her, she is looking forward to reading all of the adventures you create for her by entering our short story competition.


The theme is Meet Lucy!  We are asking for stories to be written about Lucy, Lincoln Castle's dragon.  Your story can be as magical, as fantastical and as imaginative as you like … there are no limits … just start your story with the title 'Meet Lucy!' and let your imagination do the rest!



We would like everybody to write a short story based on Lucy the dragon! You don't have to enter the competition, but if you do, the entry form and details are attached below. Make sure you read all of the information first- the story should be emailed to if you choose to enter and requires your name and age. 


Whether you choose to enter or not, please send us your finished stories- we would love to read them and even add them to our class pages!


In order to ensure you write the best story possible we would like you to follow this structure- just like you would at school!


We can't wait to see how imaginative you can be and see what you come up with! 



Have a look at an explanation of what myths and legend are and see if you can spot some important features in the WAGOLL  - just like we do in school!



Complete the slow write attached to help you to think of different ways of starting your sentences with (I know you enjoy these!) Remember, you don't need to print it. 



Complete a planning sheet to help you structure your writing - we have attached a sheet however you can use that to help you, you don't have to print it. 


Thursday and Friday

Write your story! We have attached a  checklist to make sure you include all the features of a myth or legend as well as some useful word mats. We would also like to think about the presentation of your story, how can you make it stand out? I would love to be able to put some on a display when we come back to school!