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Meet the Rhiswanozebtah!


Ted Splorer has discovered a new creature, the Rhiswanozebtah! Read on to learn more!




Inspired by Ted Splorer's discovery, we would like you to create your own creature by combining 2 or more animals! We would then like you to write a description and report about your animal, just like Ted Splorer! 


To help you achieve this goal please follow the following activities each day as labelled. In addition to this has some great examples of other children that have designed mixed breed animals, if you are stuck for ideas. There are ‘zoo field trips’ and interesting animal profiles and games too.


We are so excited to see your final piece this week, you're such a creative year group! You might even want to think about how you present your report - a leaflet, a book, a poster or any other way!


Remember, you don't need to print the work off, the following sheets are there to support you and the work can be completed on paper. 


Any problems - please get in touch - we are here to help you.