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Meet the Rhiswanozebtah!


Hello everyone. Hope you’re all well and keeping busy.


This week, we have a day-by-day unit of work. You don’t need to print anything out - it can all be done on paper.


By the end of the week, you will create your own creature by blending zoo animals together.


Discover the world of the Rhiswanozebtah - an extremely rare, flying creature. It’s a mix of rhino plus swan, plus the o of rhino, plus the start of zebra and the end of cheetah!


Just like our week at school, there is a

  • Wagoll
  • Comprehension questions
  • Vocabulary work
  • Grammar revision- using brackets to add extra information and using adverb starters.
  • Planning sheet to help you structure your writing.



If you have access to the internet, has some great examples of other children that have designed mixed breed animals, if you are stuck for ideas. There are ‘zoo field trips’ and interesting animal profiles and games too.


Once you have planned your creature there are instructions of how to make a mini book to present your work.


We would love to see the finished result of your unusual creatures. We miss seeing your work. Please send a photo and email to us!


Any problems - please get in touch - we are here to help you.


Rhiswanozebtah! - Sequence of work to follow.