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Hello everyone  - hope you’re all well and keeping busy. We have two activities for you to have a go at this week.


Who inspires you?

Inspiring people come in all shapes and sizes: from WW2 veterans to NHS workers, to brothers and sisters or a neighbour or elderly relative. There are many amazing people all around us doing heroic things.


Can you think of someone who inspires you?


This week Primary League Premier Stars have a challenge for you to draw a wonderful picture of a person who inspires you and to write about why you admire them. When you have finished , you could send it to them and brighten up their day!

Why not even write a letter to the nurses/ doctors and staff at the NHS?

It is International Nurses Day on May 12th when we commemorate Florence Nightingale's birth and celebrate the important role of nurses in health care. ( Check out the Topic page.)


See the attached document below for more details.



Inspriaration drawing and writing challenge.


The second activity is to write a list poem about wishes.


Wishes - what would you wish for?


Wishes are great fun to explore. We all wish for many things each day.


Whether it be for the sun to keep shining or for Boris to tell us we can return to school .... !!


We would love you to have a go at writing an 'I wish ... list poem. Look at the examples of list poems below that other children have written.


Try to remember to use the checklist below to help you write an amazing  poem


  • Adventurous vocabulary
  • Use the five senses
  • Can you ask a question?
  • Interesting adjectives to create a clear image in your readers mind.
  • Similes
  • Alliteration ( words starting with the same letter)


We look forward to reading all about about who inspires you and what your wishes are! We love seeing your work!