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Wonderful world of Wizards

Hello everyone - hope you're all well and keeping busy.


This week - there is a two-week cycle of work for you to have a look at.


There are lots of super activities to inspire you to write about wizards!


The first activity is to make a set of Top Trump Wizard cards and play a game with your family.


Then some grammar and dictionary work on synonyms and persuasive language.


Have some fun with different word endings to cast a spell!


 (Check out the snake bubble machine in the Try Something Different folder too.)


Experiment with rhetorical questions, alliteration and imperative verbs to persuade people to come to your wizard school.


Use the planning headings to help you structure your advert to advertise your new school.


I think if you go as far as this for the first week - there is plenty left for you to explore next week!


Have fun  - we can’t wait to see your Top Trump Wizard Cards and your amazing design of a new wizard school with a persuasive advert to go with it!


Year 5 Talk for Writing booklet - Wondeful Wizards