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Wizards in the news!

Hello everyone - here is the second week of work to look at from your writing booklet. It looks fun this week.


Task 1 -This week you have to put your journalist’s hat on and write a newspaper article about something a wizard could win an award for.

How about:

Wizard whips up wonderful Covid 19 vaccine and transports all children back to school!’


Use the planner to help you structure your report with the 5 W’s -When? Who? What? Why? Where?


Don’t forget your witness quotes too:

“This is the best news ever - at last our children can return to school safely. The teachers will be delighted! This wizard deserves an award!” exclaimed Mrs Mole (Head teacher of John Hunt Primary School.)

We look forward to reading your newspaper reports.

(See the attached resources below to help you plan your report.)


Task 2 - Write the potion poem . What magical things would you drop into your potion?


Into my potion, I will drop …

Glitter from the wings of the fastest fairy,

Slime from the skin of the slowest slug,

The sound of starlight bursting in a black sky,

The smell of ocean mist tumbling,

A cloak made of cobwebs,

Some shoes made of rain,

1000 blinking eyes,

One dot stolen from the letter i,

A spoonful of words that start with p,

A touch of happiness.


 Try to add:


Powerful verbs

Unusual things to add ( rain showered with glitter, honey made of sun beams)

Pairs of opposites ( the fastest and then the slowest)

A measure of something ( a pinch of, a handful of)

Why not be creative and write your potion inside a potion bottle picture. Can’t wait to see these  - don’t forget to send them by email to us!


Task 3 - Just for fun  - try out some of the experiments/potions in the booklet!