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Hello Year 5  - hope you are all well and keeping busy.

This story competition caught our eye this week. It is a special edition of the 500 Words competition for children, focusing on themes related to the Black Lives Matter movement.


If you want to know more about the Black Lives Matter movement and what racism is- pop over to the Topic page, where you can watch a powerful message about racism and what is going on in the world from Blue Peter.


"All of us on Blue Peter want our world to be a place of peace and kindness, which means doing our bit to stand up and speak out against racism and being kind to everyone," says CBBC


This is what it is all about.

Welcome to 500 Words: Black Lives Matter


We want you to use your imagination and draw on your own thoughts and experiences when it comes to Black Lives Matter and some of the changes we are seeing in 2020.

Then, write a creative short story in no more than 500 words

 Your story might be hopeful, inspiring, fun or angry. Have fun making your characters come to life!


Remember, it’s the way you tell your story that makes or breaks it.

The descriptions, the adjectives and the imagery that you use shape your story.

Still, you only have 500 words! That means that while you’re writing, you need to make your key moments stand out with similes and metaphors, without taking away from the plot.


Lastly, don’t enter to win…enter because you want your voice to be heard and enjoy storytelling in a way only you can. 

Everything can give you a creative spark that fires a story.


Be unafraid and see where your ideas take you!


What everybody wants to read is an amazing story. Good luck!

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

Something that is original and different.

An exciting plot

Interesting characters

Adventurous language.





Some ideas to think about.

What role models do you have – can you explore their background?


You could unlock your imagination through creating your ideal role model or superhero who fights for justice. This is your story and you and your characters can be anything you want them to be.


You could create a fantasy land very different to our own.

Do you have a dream for yourself, your friends, family and communities? Now’s the time to put that dream into words!

How have you seen the world change, and how has your community got involved?


Check out the link below to find out more about the rules and how to submit your story.

Good luck. Don't forget to send us a copy too!