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Hello everyone - hope you’re all well and keeping busy.

We will be doing this work in Literacy at school too! Hopefully by Friday - you will have written a super detailed description of a rainforest.



Grammar lesson  

Revising relative clauses

Use the rainforest image to write sentences using relative clauses.

How to write relative clauses

Still image for this video


Read the text and then watch the video.

Collect all your thoughts and ideas as you re watch the video using the 'Senses grid'

Ride of Passage text

Senses grid

The Ride of Passage

Still image for this video


Use the colour chart to make hyphenated adjectives

Slow write

  • Begin with an expanded noun phrase.
  • Include a relative clause
  • Add hyphenating adjectives to your sentence
  • Use a rainforest word.
  • Write a short snappy sentence - no more than 4 words.
  • Begin with a preposition.
  • Use a simile.
  • Start with either an -ed or -ly word.



Now write your rainforest description.

Don't forget to send it in to us. We love reading and sharing your work.