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Hello everyone - hope you're all well and keeping busy.


This week the work we are doing at school is based around the lovely little animation called 'The Present'. I think you'll enjoy it - I know I did!



Grammar  - Revising fronted adverbials.

Can you remember the five different types of fronted adverbials?

Sing along to the video to remind yourself! 

Then watch the video about how to use fronted adverbials.

After this - write some sentences about the dogs and their magic biscuits, using a variety of fronted adverbials

It's all about the verb! Fronted adverbials.

Still image for this video

Fronted adverbials

Still image for this video


Watch the animation and answer the questions.

The Present

Still image for this video

Inference Questions


Write a diary entry from the boy's point of view about his feelings before and after receiving the present.

Use the emotions synonyms grid below to help you with the diary entry.


Watch the video clip about the little boy and his dog.

How did the dog help the little boy? What do therapy dogs do in hospitals?

Make a mind map of all the different ways the dog gave the boy a new lease of life.


Write a letter from the boy to his mum, thanking her for buying him the puppy and giving her all the reasons why he feels so much better.


Don't forget to send us all your finished work!