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Year 1 Rabbits 🐰

Lockdown Learning



I hope that you are all well. I cannot believe that we are having to do remote learning again! I know that it is a very strange time for us all so please remember to look after yourselves and your family.


Your lockdown learning will be uploaded onto this page each week for you to complete. 

Please send all of your completed work to


We are looking forward to seeing all of your fantastic work. We will be adding some of your work to this webpage so you can see what your friends have been up to. Each week Miss Proctor and I will be selecting 2 children to receive our Home Learner of the Week award. When you come back to school we shall give you your certificate and prize.


Take care everyone!



Miss Stokes x

December Isolation


Hi Rabbits!


Here you will find all of the home learning for this week. We are looking forward to seeing all of your hard work. Please send all completed work to  


I have all of your Christmas presents sat under my tree!

I am looking forward to giving them to you when we see each other again in January.


I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. 


Take care and stay safe,


Miss Stokes xx