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Year 2 Frogs 🐸

Hi Frogs!


I hope you are enjoying all of your home learning activities. Below are links to different websites and apps which may be useful over the coming weeks. There are also Maths, English and Topic folders further down this page which contain activities for each week. Some of the activities might need printing off. Don't worry if you haven't got a printer, just record the answers on a piece of paper or simply complete some of the other activities.


If your need help with any of the activities, have a question you wish answering or wish to share any of your amazing work please feel free to email using the address below. I will try my best to reply as quickly as possible:  


Please keep safe, keep smiling and try and enjoy the time with your family. I am missing you all and can't wait to see you all again soon. 



Mrs Parkes x



Message From Mrs Parker


Seed Update

All of your sunflower seeds are now planted in pots in the garden and growing nicely, one has now started to flower! Watch this space for photographs of your seeds. 

It would be lovely if you could take some photographs of the sunflower you took home last week. I wonder who will be able to grow the tallest sunflower.

New sunflower and bean photographs!  

Look at Evie, Libby-Ella, Naomi and Khloe's sunflowers. Wow, how tall are they!

Letters to our Friends


VE Day Celebrations

Important Website

Have you run out of school reading books? If so, follow the link below and get your parents to register for free e-books linked to the book band colour you are reading:


Just for Fun

I know how much you all love playing with Lego. Why not have a go at the '30 Day Lego Challenge' below: (



These look fantastic and all made from egg boxes. I think I might even have a go!



How many of the books can you name?


Which will you make?

What have you been doing with your time at home? We have had lots of fun making an indoor tent, making pizza, making banana cake and riding scooters on our daily walk. 

John Hunt Primary Challenge - Just for Fun!

Top Tips for Staying Safe Online