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Year 3 Stags 🦌

A little message for you all! You are all fantastic and I really have missed your smiling faces! I look forward to seeing you in September! Mrs G xxx

I hope you find the activities interesting and fun! Use the folder activities first, then move onto the activities on here. Keep checking as I will keep popping bits and pieces on!


Please remember that we are here to help you during these times. If you have any issues or any questions then please contact us and we will try our best to help. Feel free to keep us posted with what you are all getting up to- school related or not as it will be nice to hear from you!

Keep safe

Mrs G x

Maths Challenge!!!!  


Have a go at playing Countdown!


You'll need


  • 4 ‘large number’ cards with the numbers 25, 50, 75 and 100 on them
  • Two sets of cards with the digits 1-10 on them.

Maths update!


White Rose have released daily sessions for you to have a go at! These include a short teaching clip explaining what is being taught! (Really useful!) They are currently up to week 2. Work through the activities from week one session one.


Remember, you do not need to print the activities off, you can simply do any working out and answers on a piece of paper.





Hi Barn Owls!!


Goodness it seems ages since I have seen all of your smiling faces! I was in school today and it was really strange not seeing you all! I hope that you are all keeping well and behaving at home! I have really been enjoying the sunshine and was able to do some gardening! I loved watching the birds in my garden, especially the robins which built a nest next to my garden chairs. The best part was watching the babies fly for the first time. I even got a picture of one! I have posted the picture under this note. Can you spot the bird? I hope that you are enjoying the activities that I have been putting on here, I have certainly enjoyed seeing the pictures you have been sending me! Remember to keep sending photographs so I can put them on here.


Keep smiling and remember to read everyday, practice your spellings and Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning. Try to do as much as you can! There are plenty of new activities put on every week! 


Look after yourselves and I hope that I will see you very soon.


Love Mrs G xxx

Joke Competition!!!


Mrs Burman has highlighted a great joke competition that fits

in perfectly with our English this week!

Why not have a go!

See the link below.

Look at Jacob's amazing bridge and river model! It really is fantastic!