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Year 4 Barn Owls 🦉

Please send ALL work to the Year 4 email address below.

(This is really important, as some weeks your child's teacher will be teaching the key worker children and the other members of the team will look at the work or answer any queries.)

Many thanks.


If it is anything that needs to be discussed personally with the class teacher.

Please use the class e mail addresses below

Keep smiling Barn Owls!!! 

We'll be back together very soon!

Missing you already.


Love Mrs G




Week 2 - 29th March - 1st April

It's great to see you all working so hard at home! Keep it up!

Week 1 - 25th March - 26th March

World Book Day Fun

World Book Day Quiz

Lockdown Week 8 - 01.03.21 - 05.03.21

Hi Barn Owls!!


Thankyou for all of your work last week. Mrs Howes and Mrs Martin have been telling me how hard you have been working!  I forgot to announce Star Remote worker of the week, so I will tell you all tomorrow.


I'm so excited that this is the last week that we will be working remotely! I can wait to have all of you Barmy Barn Owls back in class next week! You and your parents have worked so hard and I am incredibly proud of you all.


Last week we had a new carpet fitted in our classroom, so I have been putting everything back in it's place! Fingers crossed we wont have any more leaks on David and Oliver W! I have also changed a couple of the wall displays! I hope that you'll like them!


We have an easier week this week. As it is World Book Day, we have come up with a menu for you. Try and choose an activity from each section! Friday is a well being day. Finish off any of the activities that need doing and then relax and prepare for coming back to school.


Don't forget our Teams meeting on Monday is at 1pm and Thursday is at the normal time 10am. I look forward to seeing you then.


Love Mrs G xx

Lockdown Week 7 - 22.02.21 - 26.02.21


Hi Barn Owls,


I hope that you all had a lovely half term and are raring to go. I am really hoping and have everything crossed that we we all be allowed back in school in the next couple of weeks! It will be nice to get back to some normality!


Last term, I really enjoyed all of you work on Flotsam and mountains, but starting this week we have a new exciting topic for you all! I think that you will really enjoy it! 


Teams meetings this week are as follows:

Monday - 10am - We will go through the work for the week. Also make sure you have a knife, fork and spoon at the ready for a silly game!

Thursday - 10am - Be ready to talk about a piece of work completed this week that you are proud of.


Thank you for continuing to work so hard, I am in class this week, so Mrs. Howes and Mrs. Martin will keep me informed of all the fantastic work that you complete. 


Keep working hard and I look forward to seeing you and your work this week!




Mrs. G x

Welcome to Potions Class

Our topic this half term is Potions. We will be studying a number of texts including extracts from Harry Potter, MacBeth and Alice in Wonderland as well as making our own potent potions! Listed below you will find a quick slide show of the Potions Classroom and a list of ingredients that would be handy to have at home.


Potions Ingredients

My Mum

Why not let your Mum know how much she is loved and appreciated, by taking part in this lovely idea from The Newark Advertiser?

All you have to do is draw a picture of your Mum and write a special message to her.

Then get one of your adults to help you upload it, by clicking on the link below.

Your picture could be published in the newspaper just in time for Mother’s Day.

In order to get your children's drawings to us we have designed a special website to enable you to upload them once they have finished their creations.

If you want to get involved in the My Mum project, visit this website.!/home

Remote Star Learner of the week - 22.02.21 - 26.02.21 - Well done Toby! Super work!

Kixx Education | KS1 Lesson Five - Ignore KS1!

This lesson is all about 'Movement'...We will be working on lots movements that work on your agility, power and reactions. There's lots of super fun activiti...

Remote Star Learners of the week! 08.02.21 - 12.02.21 - I really couldn't choose this week as there are so many of you! Well done Esme and Oliver D! Awesome effort!

Lockdown week 6 - 08.02.21 - 12.02.21


Hi Barn Owls!


It was so lovely to see you during our Teams meetings this week! Keep an eye out on here for any changes to the days and times. This week they will be as follows;

Monday 1st February - 10am - A run through of the week's work

Thursday 4th February - 10am - Show and tell - bring something that is special to you and be ready to tell us why it is so special!


Well done to Amelia for being our Star Remote Learner this week! I wonder who it will be next week!


I have been blown away by the level of all the work being completed at home! The work on sea creatures has been brilliant and I have really enjoyed learning about all the different creatures. You should all be incredibly proud of yourselves! A special mention also needs to go to Oliver Dawkins! WOW!!! Fantastic work. 


Our classroom is still a mess! This week the spare classroom next door flooded and was like a lake!! It has been so bad that they are having to replace the whole carpet in both rooms!!


Finally a special thankyou to your parents! You are all amazing! Nearly half term!!


Keep smiling


Love Mrs G xxx

Star remote learner of the week! 01.02.21 - 05.02.21 - Well done Amelia! Fantastic work this week! Keep it up! Who will it be next week?

Lockdown Week 5 - 01.02.21 - 05.02.21


Hi Barn Owls!


It was so lovely to see you during our Teams meeting on Thursday afternoon! I will have to think of something fun to do again! It was also really great to meet Patrick and Haris. I can't wait for the next one!

Look out for the teams invites! This week we will be having them at the following times;

Monday 1st February - 10am

Thursday 4th February - 10am

Well done to Jake for being our Star Remote Learner this week! I found it really hard to choose because you are all working so hard. I wonder who it will be next week!

Our classroom is a bit of a mess at the minute! Apparently there was water everywhere and they are now having to make a hole in the wall so it doesn't happen again! It also really stinks!! Yuck!

I am really proud of you all, you are all working so hard. Your parents are also superstars for supporting you at home.


Keep smiling


Love Mrs G xxx

Star remote learner of the week! 25.01.21 - 29.01.21 - Well Done Jake super work! Keep it up! Who will it be next week?

Lockdown Week 4 - 25.01.21 - 29.01.21

Hi Barn Owls!

Thankyou for all of your hard work! I have really enjoyed looking at your work and I am especially pleased with your maths! Keep it up! 


This week we will be completing tasks on time in maths. 


I have some exciting news for you all! We have two new children joining our class. Their names are Patrick Kairys and Haris Penrose. I know that you will make them feel welcome. 


Keep smiling and I hope to see you all soon!


Love Mrs G xx








Lockdown 2021 - Week 3

Hi Barn Owls!


I hope that you have enjoyed the snow! I was so excited when it started to settle! I would love to see some picture of you in the snow!


I know how hard you have been working already and I am so proud of you.

My e mail box has been 'pinging' non stop with all the work you have been sending me! I have really enjoyed seeing it. 


Don't forget to send the work each day, so that we can check it through and give you feedback or support before the next lesson. If you are finding something tricky, or you are not sure about something, don't hesitate to email us and one of the Year 4 teachers will get back to you.

Parents , we know this is a hard for you all and some of you are juggling working from home and home schooling. We want to support you as much as possible. Please get in touch with any problem, we are always at the end of an email.

Thank you for everything that you are doing.


Keep up the hard work Barn Owls - you are brilliant!

 I hope you enjoy the work this week. 

Take care and stay safe

Mrs G xx

Starting this week, CBBC will broadcast three hours of primary school programmes, from 9am every weekday, to help with home learning.

Welcome to Lockdown 2021! 


Oh no what a shame this has happened again Barn Owls - just as we were back together again. It was so lovely to see you all again full of enthusiasm ready to start the new term, I'm really sad we can't continue at school for the moment.

But, it won't be forever, we need to keep our families and each other safe. Hopefully this will be the last time it ever happens!!

You need to complete at least 3 hours of school work everyday. This is compulsory. We need to see evidence of your work (Maths and English daily) This is best done through screenshots of photographs emailed to us. We will then mark this and give you feedback via email. We have included a timetable as a guide.


It is really important that you keep trying hard with your home learning and not give up.

You can do it! Keep smiling!

Keep working hard and I look forward to hearing from you later.


Mrs G xxx

Week 2 Home Learning - 30.11.20


Hello Barn Owls

It was lovely to chat to some of you today. You are all doing so well with your school work and I am really pleased you are sending it through to me. Keep it up.


Mrs Martin, Mrs Howes and I all logged onto the school assembly today and the rest of the school and staff say they are missing you all. We nominated the whole of Year 4 as Take Care Champions this week, as you have all been so brilliant!


Enjoy Week 2 - we have worked hard to make sure that you have everything that you need to complete your learning.  Have a look below at the super Viking Longships that some of you have been making!


If you are unable to print off the work, don't panic! Just complete the work in your books.


I can't wait to see your work again this week. Don't forget to send photos and emails and keep in touch. We are all here for you if you get stuck with anything - just send an email.


Have fun! Not long to go now!



Mrs G x

Our super Viking Longships!