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Year 4 Bats πŸ¦‡

Please send ALL work to the Year 4 email address below.

(This is really important as some weeks your child's teacher will be teaching the key worker children and the other members of the team will look at the work or answer any queries.)

Many thanks.


If it is anything that needs to be discussed personally with the class teacher.

Please use the class e mail addresses below

Week 3


Hi Bats,

I hope this week that you all enjoyed the snow and got to play out in your garden for a little while. I've been in school with the key worker children, we managed to get out for a bit and made some very small snowmen. Mrs. Glass and Mrs. Martin have been impressed with how hard you are all working and by the standard of work you are producing - well done!! I am looking forward to marking and reading your work this week and plan on calling you to have a quick chat.


Enjoy your weekend 


Mrs. Howes xx

Starting this week, CBBC will broadcast three hours of primary school programmes, from 9am every week day, to help with home schooling

Week 2 Home Learning - 30.11.20


If you are unable to print off the work, don't panic! Just complete the work in your books.

If you get stuck please email and don't forget to email photographs of your work so that we can give you feedback. See you soon Batty Bats !


Mrs Howes x