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Year 4 Red Squirrels 🐿️

Please send ALL work to the Year 4 email address below.

(This is really important, as some weeks your child's teacher will be teaching the key worker children and the other members of the team will look at the work or answer any queries.)

Many thanks.


If it is anything that needs to be discussed personally with the class teacher.

Please use the class e mail addresses below

Lockdown Learning again!  24th March 2021

Hello Red Squirrels! Can't believe we are here again! What a shame - but we must continue to keep each other safe and it's nearly time for our Easter break. Hope you are all ok.


It will be just the same as before - you are used to this way of working now.

Check the folders for the rest of this week, complete the work and send it in to the Year 4 address for us to mark and give you some feedback.


We are here at the end of the emails, just as before.

 Keep smiling and positive and it won't be long before we are all back together again! 

Take care

Mrs Martin xx

A great start to Home Learning. Noah made a yummy cake. Alexia practised her yoga moves and carried out a science experiment! Please keep sending your photos in!

Check out Noah and Brody's poems "Don't get me started!" from last week's PSHE folder on irritation!! Made me smile!

Brody has the right idea to keep calm and positive. He is practising our yoga moves!

Yoga practice!

Still image for this video

Week 2 - 29th March - 1st April

Week 2 update!

Hello Red Squirrels - I hope you are well and keeping positivesmiley

We have added a timetable below to help keep you on track for the last four days of the term.

There are some lovely activies in the folders, so have fun and we look forward to seeing your work this week. Please send photos too!


During the Easter Holidays - please really try and practise ALL of your tables - so that when you return, you know them really well and can recall them quickly.

We shall be having some competitions when we return!

Who is going to be the champion?!


Please keep reading too - here is a great link for reading books online.


Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Please keep working hard this week and I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday.

See you soon

Mrs Martin xx



Week 8 Update 28/2/21

Woo hoo! It's the last time I'll be writing an update, because this time next week, I'll be getting ready to see you all tomorrow! How exciting!

The sun has been shining all weekend and spring has arrived. I feel like at last we are going to get back to some sort of normality, by going back to school and all being together again.

I bet you can't wait to see your friends and catch up again. smiley


I think you will enjoy the work we have planned for you this week.

Thursday, the whole day is devoted to World Book Day, so you can select any of the fun activities in the folder

Friday is your well deserved 'well being' day - get up late, play outside, watch a DVD, bake, draw, dance, spend the day in your pyjamas - do whatever makes you happy!


As I tell you every week Red Squirrels, I am so very proud of you all for trying your best at home, even when things have sometimes been tricky. It has been an experience I am sure you will never forget , but I am sure you will remember it with pride.

As always , thank you parents, you have worked so hard to support your children both academically and emotionally and you have honestly done a brilliant job.

(Many of you have told me though, that the teaching profession may not be for you!!)

Have a great week - keep working hard and I will see you all very soon

Take care

Mrs Martin xx


Monday and Thursday on Teams at 10 am.

See you there.


World Book Day

Hope to see you all at our Teams meeting tomorrow - our very last one!

Don't forget to bring along the puppet you have made based on a character in a book.

See you at 10 am.

Who is behind the book?

Who is behind the book? Can you guess which teacher is reading each book?!

We had lots of laughs at our meeting today!

World Book Day. Look at Red Squirrels reading in weird and wonderful places. What a crazy bunch!

Alyssa has been busy making her dream jar ( one of the activities for World Book Day) Isn't it magical?

Lockdown birthdays! Happy Birthday Brody and Milita! Dogs have birthday's too! Stanley was one - check out his birthday cake!!

Week 7 Update 21/2/21

Hello Red Squirrels - how are you all? I hope you all had a lovely half term and a good rest - you certainly deserved it.


I have had a relaxing week - I have been reading, playing my piano and have enjoyed lots of fresh air and walks with Milo.

One day, I went for a walk with my son and we had a take out coffee , I think Milo thought he was getting one too! Silly dog!


I wonder what Borris will say tomorrow? Fingers crossed he will say we can all go back to school safely. I can't wait for the whole of the Red Squirrels team to be back in our classroom together.


I am replying to emails this week - so will look forward to seeing all your work. The new Potions topic looks exciting. 

I will see you tomorrow - our Teams meeting is 10am as usual, where we can talk about our half term news and have a quick chat about the week ahead.


Keep up the great work - hopefully won't be much longer.

Take care

Mrs Martin xx


We meet every Monday and Thursday on Teams at 10 am.

See you there.


Welcome to Potions Class

Spring 2

Our topic this half term is Potions. We will be studying a number of texts including extracts from Harry Potter, MacBeth and Alice in Wonderland as well as making our own potent potions! Listed below you will find a quick slide show of the Potions Classroom and a list of ingredients that would be handy to have at home.


Potions Ingredients List


My Mum

Why not let your Mum know how much she is loved and appreciated, by taking part in this lovely idea from The Newark Advertiser?

All you have to do is draw a picture of your Mum and write a special message to her.

Then get one of your adults to help you upload it, by clicking on the link below.

Your picture could be published in the newspaper, just in time for Mother’s Day.


(In order to get your children's drawings to us we have designed a special website to enable you to upload them once they have finished their creations. If you want to get involved in the My Mum project, visit this website)!/home

Home Made Lava Lamp : Science Experiment for Kids with Oil and Water

We had fun trying this experiment on our Teams meeting this morning. I hope some of you that didn't make the meeting will give it a go! It's so simple, but lots of fun! If you do - take a photo and send it in!

Milita has had a go already!

Kixx Education | Lesson Five - Ignore KS1!

This lesson is all about 'Movement'...We will be working on lots movements that work on your agility, power and reactions. There's lots of super fun activiti...

Week 6 Update

Hello Red Squirrels - well you've nearly made it to half term. One more week to go and then you can relax and have a good rest (and so can your parents!) 

I have really enjoyed catching up with you at our meetings and we all enjoyed saying hello to the dogs that joined us last week too!

It was  a pleasure looking at your work last week  - there was a real variety to look at. French, Geography, RE and some lovely PSHE work, not to mention all the Maths. My favourite was the research you did about your chosen underwater creatures. I learnt lots of new and interesting facts about seahorses, dolphins and starfish. Some of you presented your work in PowerPoints too! Well done.

The 'Just for fun' folder was popular and we had lots of baking. Alexia even made rainbow spaghetti! So cool!


Red Squirrels you should be very proud of yourselves. I know it's not always easy at home, but you have shown us all that you can rise to the challenge. I'm so proud of you all.

I am in school this week teaching the key worker children, but will see you all tomorrow on Teams to have a quick chat about the week ahead. I think you'll enjoy the lessons we have planned for this week.

Don't forget to use the timetable to keep you on track , especially if you are in school part time.

As always  - thank you parents  - I know some of you are finding it a bit tough now,  but honestly, you are doing a brilliant job with your children. Thank you.

Take care

Love Mrs Martin xx




Teams meetings

Mondays 10 am - Chat about week ahead.

Thursday 10 am - Catch up . Quiz time. Can you design a quiz name sign to introduce yourself?! Paper and Pencil at the ready!

We had so much fun in the snow at school today! What a treat! Please send in photos of your 'snow days' at home!

Snow Fun At Home

Kixx Education | KS1 PE Lesson Four

Welcome to our fourth Kixx Education PE Lesson. All our PE Lessons are made available free for schools across the country. Lesson Four is a focus on the basi...

Week 5 Update 

Hi Red Squirrels -hope you are all well. It was so lovely to see your smiling faces this week and I know from your comments afterwards, how much you loved seeing your friends too. We are now going to have another meeting at the start of the week just to check in with each other and have a quick look at the week ahead. So hopefully, I will see you Monday at 10.00 am.


Thankyou for sending in the photos - it's great to see what you have all been up to. Please keep sending them in.


It's Week 5 and you are all still working so hard. Some of you had some tricky days last week when you ( or your parents!) got a bit fedup, but after a break and a good nights sleep, it was a new day and you were all raring to go again!

Well done Red Squirrels. I cant tell you how proud I am of you all.


This week its Children's Mental Health week - so there are lots of activities for you to try, to make sure you look after yourself physically and emotionally. It's so important to make sure you take breaks in the fresh air every day.


Parents  - thank you so much for everything you are doing - it's nearly half term!

Take care

Love Mrs Martin xx



Teams meeting to talk about the week ahead  - Monday at 10 am

Teams meeting to catch up -  Rearranged Thursday 10 am .

Thanks for all the photos! Keep them coming! It's great to see what you've been up to!

Week 4 Update

Hello Red Squirrels - hope you all had a well deserved rest this weekend. Here we are about to begin Week 4!

I hope you enjoy the work this week.

I have to agree with Mrs Mole's post on Facebook - you are all 'home schooling heroes' and that includes your parents!

You have really impressed us all with your fantastic efforts at home.

I had a lovely time in school last week, we had Mrs Barker with us too! The children did some amazing Ebay adverts for the camera and produced some lovely art work. They are also getting really good at speaking in french, as I'm sure you all are at home! 

Keep sending your work in every day, rather than a big chunk at the end of the week. You seem to be in a great routine now and I look forward to seeing all your work again this week. 

It would be lovely to see some photos of you.

It could be you playing outside, with your pets, baking or just a wave! It would be great to see them.

Missing you all. Keep up the great work!

Take care

Mrs Martin xx

A suggested timetable to help keep you on track

Hello Red Squirrels (Week 3)

How are you all? I hope you enjoyed the snow last week. What a treat! I couldn't believe it when the flakes starting falling and then settled. If you have any photos of you playing in the snow , I'd love to see them!

I have to say how impressed I am with you again. My emails were non stop! A lot of you are starting to use the suggested timetable to help keep you on track, which is a great idea.

Parents - thank you for everything you are doing, I know it isn't easy at times, but we think you are doing a brilliant job!

Don't forget to look in the useful websites folder, there are some great educational sites in there, plus access to online reading books, now that libraries are closed. Please try and keep reading as much as possible, it's so important.

I am in school this week teaching the key worker children in Year 4, I can't wait to see you all. Mrs Glass and Mrs Howes will be looking at your work this week, so please make sure you send your work or questions to this address. They will be letting me know how you are all doing, on a daily basis .

Keep up the brilliant work Red Squirrels - I am really proud of your resilience and great efforts! 

Love Mrs Martin x

Milo in the snow! He was a bit puzzled, as you can see!! Have you got any photos of you or your pets having fun in the snow?


Hi Red Squirrels smiley

I know how hard you have been working already and I am so proud of you.

My e mail box has been 'pinging' non stop with all the work you have been sending me! I have really enjoyed seeing it. 


Don't forget to send the work each day, so that we can check it through and give you feedback or support before the next lesson. If you are finding something tricky, or you are not sure about something, don't hesitate to email us and one of the Year 4 teachers will get back to you.

Parents , we know this is a hard for you all and some of you are juggling working from home and home schooling. We want to support you as much as possible. Please get in touch with any problem, we are always at the end of an email.

Thank you for everything that you are doing.


Keep up the hard work Red Squirrels - you are brilliant!

 I hope you enjoy the work this week. 

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Martin xx

Starting this week, CBBC will broadcast three hours of primary school programmes, from 9 am every weekday, to help with home schooling

Another lockdown!

Oh no what a shame this has happened again Red Squirrels - just as we were back together again. It was so lovely to see you all again full of enthusiasm ready to start the new term, I'm really sad we can't continue at school for the moment.

But, it won't be forever, we need to keep our families and each other safe. Hopefully this will be the last time it ever happens!!

 Here is your work for this week, we will upload it on here every week. It is really important that you keep trying hard with your home learning and not give up.

You can do it! Keep smiling!

Keep working hard and I look forward to hearing from you later.

Mrs Martin xx!


You need to complete at least 3 hours of school work everyday. This is compulsory. Please send us evidence of your work (Maths and English daily) This is best done through screenshots of photographs emailed to us. We will then mark this and give you feedback via email. We have included a timetable as a guide.



Week 2 Home Learning - 30.11.20

Hello Red Squirrels

It was lovely to chat to some of you today. You are all doing so well with your school work and I am really pleased you are sending it through to me. Keep it up.


Mrs Glass, Mrs Howes and I all logged onto the school assembly today and the rest of the school and staff say they are missing you all. We nominated the whole of Year 4 as Take Care Champions this week, as you have all been so brilliant!


Enjoy Week 2 - we have worked hard to make sure that you have everything that you need to complete your learning. 


Have fun. See you soon. Not long to go now! 

Love Mrs Martin xx


If you are unable to print off the work, don't panic! Just complete the work in your books.

Don't forget to email photographs of your work so that we can give you feedback.


Mrs Martin x

Brody enjoying the snow - self isolation does have some benefits!!


Ryan is currently at the top of the Leaderboard this week. Go Ryan!

It would be great to see some more of you on this Maths game.


Look at Alexia's lovely Christingle! Well done.

Lots of super written work coming in from you every day to do with Maths, English, Vikings and RE. Well done Red Squirrels. Here are some of the other things that you've been having a go at too!