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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Another week has passed and it was very hot in school! smiley


We are now into week 15, I can't believe there is only four weeks left until the summer holidays. All of the pictures of the work you have being sending me have been fantastic and I am glad you are enjoying learning about the Oceans and Seas and all the interesting creatures that live in them!


Again, as some parents have had difficulty with the smarts I will just be putting on power points and PDF's. Please let me know if this is any easier to access. Additionally, if you cannot print the worksheets off don't worry, most worksheets uploaded you are able to answer and complete yourselves in the green book sent home from school or on plain paper. I have added the Online safety folder. If you would like anything more specific or have any questions or worries about certain apps or websites please do not hesitate to ask. I will help with whatever you need.


Additionally, don't forget you can use your Prodigy and Expresso log in anytime, any day of the week!


If you need any help please do not hesitate to email me on: or or the school Facebook page.


I would love to see your faces and it would be even better to see you doing some home learning, I am now offering 10 TCT's a picture. It is currently Kaelan and Owen in the lead with Lily and Lola not far behind. smiley


Never forget how special you are and remember mistakes are proof you are trying! ALWAYS have faith in yourself. Stay safe my Stagtastic class. 


Lots of love Mrs Cooper heartheartheart