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Year 5 Dragonflies


24th March 2021


Oh no! Here we are again- right before the holidays again!! What a shame for us all but of course, we must do our best to keep everyone safe. It goes without saying that we are gutted we won't be seeing you tomorrow morning! 


Just like before, we will upload all of the work onto these pages and we will be monitoring our emails as before.


We cannot wait to see your emails coming in and to see what you get up to. We already know how fantastic you are but now really is the time to prove it. Work hard over the next week and then you will have 2 weeks of well deserved rest.


See you all again soon! 


Love Miss Travers xx

Update- 1st April 


Well done for your hard work over this last half term. It was amazing to get back into school with you all and a shame it was cut short. Some of you have continued your hard work over the last week and I am so proud of the perseverance you have shown. Enjoy the holidays. Make sure you take some time to look after you, do things you enjoy and recover from the busyness of this last half term. I already can't wait to see you all after the holidays and have some more fun together! 


Don't eat too much chocolate!!


Love Miss Travers xx



2021 Lockdown 


We are absolutely gutted about the announcement- we would much rather be in school with you, but we must do what is best for keeping everyone safe! As you know, we had lots of exciting things planned to look forward to, but for now, we will put it all on hold. We hope to continue with our Wow Day when we eventually return to school so keep your costume nice and safe!! We will upload work onto here for you to complete every day. Each day you must complete the Maths, English, Guided Reading and some Topic/afternoon work. Please send all work in daily so that we can give appropriate feedback. All year 5 members of staff will be contactable via the year group email:


We will monitor this email and respond between 8:30am and 3:30pm. Please send any completed work or any questions to this email address. We know it is hard but it is really important you complete this work- it will all be worth it in the end! 


Keep smiling and stay safe.


Miss Travers xx

Update: Week 8- 1st March

Wow!! We have made it!!

Dragonflies (and grown ups), I cannot tell you just how proud I am of what you have achieved. You have shown just how determined and dedicated you can be. I know so many of us have found it tricky being at home, sometimes it has been hard work to complete the work but we have powered through and persevered. There is not much left for me to say- other than how excited I am to see you all again on the 8th!! Please try your best to continue working hard this week- you have come too far to give up now! There are also some lovely activities for you to be getting on with this week, including getting outside, Fair Trade activities, World Book Day and a wellbeing day!! Look after yourselves this week so that we can have a good start to the rest of our year- I just know that we are going to have such a wonderful time! 

See you on Teams first! 


Love Miss Travers xx


Update: Week 7- 22nd February


Welcome back Dragonflies! I hope you all had a lovely half term and managed to do some things that you enjoy. Hopefully, you have all had a good rest now and are ready and raring to go again! I am really looking forward to responding to all of your emails this week and seeing what you manage to achieve, as well as catching up with you on Teams. Remember, our meetings will be on Monday and Thursday at 9:30am. This Monday also marks the start of Fair Trade Fortnight, so we will be having a chat about that as well. Make sure you are familiar with the Fair Trade logo by Thursday in preparation for our meeting!!! Here are some ideas for you to have a go at. This grid can also be found under Wednesday's afternoon work so have a look. You can work your way through these over the next 2 weeks and show off what you manage to do! 



There are lots of delicious recipes on the Fair Trade website that you might like to have a go at as well- I know how much some of you love baking!



I have my fingers crossed that we will be back to school soon enough and it will feel like you have never been gone! Keep going Dragonflies, you have already done so well. Don't let it stop now!


Love Miss Travers xx

Update: Week 6- 8th February


Dragonflies! One week until half term!! It has been so nice to see you on Teams (and your pets!) but I have really missed some of your emails this week! crying You are so close now, so keep going and try your best to continue to complete the work each day. It is very tricky being at home, but it will be so worth it in the end! You are amazing so make sure you continue to prove that you are!


Teams meetings this week:

Monday 9:30am

Thursday 9:30am


Lucas' Mum recommended a website for me to look at and I found this little story, called Lucy's in lockdown. Her hair changes colour based on how she is feeling during lockdown! It is a lovely little story and one that I am sure some of you can relate to. It is not very long so make sure you have a read through.



Update: Week 5- 1st February


Hi Dragonflies! It was so lovely to see some of your faces this week! I really enjoyed speaking to you. From now on, we are also going to have a meeting on a Monday morning at 9:30, starting today! We will be able to have a chat about what the week ahead will bring and then have our planned Thursday catch up now at 9:30 as well! Make sure you join the call to see everyone! We are getting closer to half term and I know we are all getting tired now, but let's keep going and all try to motivate each other! You are doing amazingly and it is really important that you keep going and check in on your friends too to make sure they are okay. 

Further up the page, I have added some activities you could do to take a break and look after yourself, both physically and mentally. It is also very important that you take care of yourselves and allow time to do so. It is also Children's Mental Health Week so there are some links in the afternoon work folder. I will speak a little about this on our Teams meeting this week.


I know these are very strange times but I also know that you are trying so hard! You should be really proud of what you are doing. You are all amazing and I cannot wait to see you all again soon!


Miss Travers x



Update: Week 4- 25th January


Wow, Dragonflies! Here we are, heading into week 4 of home learning. I am missing you all so much! I have absolutely loved looking through the work that you have completed and I have to say, I am so impressed with what you have been doing! Remember to look in the completed work folder to see what everyone has been up to! I know it is really tricky but please keep going with your school work. I have missed seeing some of your emails this week! sad

Remember why you are doing the work and what an amazing job you are doing. Your emails really brighten our day as well when we read them! 

Don't forget to keep sending your work every day and to also keep it neat!! 


Keep going and keep in touch


Love Miss Travers xx


Update: Week 3- 18th January


Hi Dragonflies! I have missed you this week! Whilst I haven't been replying to emails, I have been having a nosey at what you have been up to and really enjoyed looking at the work you sent in when I uploaded some of your completed work. It is clear that you have worked so hard this week. We also had a busy week in school and it was nice to see those who were in. I am ready to respond to all of your emails this week and catch up with you all. I am going to contact you all in the next couple of days. I have a plan so keep your eyes peeled for an all important email!! laugh 

Remember to keep up the good work and send it in once you have done it, along with any questions you may have. You are all super stars and I am really proud of how hard you have been working up until now. You've got this!!


Love Miss Travers xx


Update- 10th January


Hello Dragonflies! I hope you are now settling into home learning and getting into some sort of routine. Some of the work you have been sending in is fantastic! We have really enjoyed looking at it. Please remember that the work is compulsory and must be completed. 


As of Monday (11th Jan) please send your completed work daily so that we can check you are on the right track and give you any guidance before the next lesson if it looks like you need it. This also helps us to update our records on a daily basis so we can see who has done what on each day.


Keep up the hard work, we have loved looking at what you are completing. I know it seems like the journey ahead may be long, but we are really proud of the work you have completed so far! Keep it up! 


Just as an extra note, for those of you struggling to send your work in, there is a way to scan it in from your iPhone. I know this works for iPhones but I am not sure about other phones. If you open up your Notes app and open a new notes page. Select the camera symbol from the tool bar along the bottom and then select scan documents. This will enable you to scan any completed work. From there, select share in the top right corner and from there you can email it to us!


December Lockdown

Hello year 5! That was a little bit of a surprise this afternoon! I trust that you are now settled at home and working on your booklet! Don't forget your two jobs for this afternoon; your Christmas booklets and Prodigy. If any of you have misplaced or forgotten your log in information then please send me an email.


As I said to you earlier, it is better to be safe than sorry and the best way you can all keep yourselves and your families safe is to stay at home. It is a real shame that we won't get to spend the rest of the week in school together but I know you can take care of yourselves at home. The Christmas holidays will soon be here and we will soon be back at school together in January! The school is still open for other children and I have explained that you will all be expected to complete the work that is set and I can't wait to see what you can achieve in these few days.


If any of you need anything at all, then please e-mail me. My e-mail address is

Please don't be afraid to e-mail with any questions you have, any work you want to share or any photos of what you have achieved and been up to!


We will update the Home Learning pages with your work for the next few days and explain what you need to do, but you have got everything you need for now. 

Take care of yourselves!

Love Miss Travers x


Click on the icons below to find the work set for each day! If you have any problems, questions or completed work to send in then please do so! If you are unable to print the work off, then it should be completed on paper. Have fun! laugh

Magnus Academy 6th Form Panto


Here is this year's panto from Magnus. Their sixth form students decided they still wanted to do something even though they couldn't come in to school for us all to watch. It is based on the tale of Red Riding Hood and the script, costumes and editing has all been done by the students. What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit! You should definitely give it a watch!

Red Riding Hood Pantomime

Here is the link for the online Advent Calendar that we took part in! I think we made it to opening day 16. You could carry on watching them at home.  If you would like to show your grown ups our video, it was on day 15.


Have a look at some of the fantastic work we have completed!


Merry Christmas!!!


Dragonflies, we have just about made it!! You have worked so hard this half term and we have been so so busy! I am so proud of all of you who even managed to keep going for the last three days at home. Well done, you should be pleased with what you have achieved.

I really hope that all of you enjoy your break and make the most of your time off- you deserve a rest! I am missing you already and cannot wait to see you all again in January, ready for another fun-filled half term. Look after yourselves and your families and stay safe.


Love from Miss Travers (and Jazz and Bramble) xxx



Here is Lucas singing the Christmas Alphabet! Well done Lucas!

Still image for this video

A short Merry Christmas message from us!

Still image for this video

.... and a message from Dragonflies!

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