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Year 5 Dragonflies 🦟

Hi Dragonflies! 


I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the recent sunshine in your gardens!


In the Home Learning Packs that we sent out, there was plenty of work to keep you going for a while. Each day, you should complete one Maths, one English and one other activity. We have also put our e-mail addresses on the packs so that you can keep us updated with everything you get up to. We are looking forward to seeing what you can get up to! 

As well as doing some work, we want you to have some fun and make the most of spending some time together.


Keep safe and keep smiling Year 5, we can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Love Miss Travers x


Parents, please remember that we are here to help you during these times. If you have any issues or any questions then please contact us and we will try our best to help. Feel free to keep us posted with what you are all getting up to- school related or not as it will be nice to hear from you! 😊


Keep checking in. We will create some folders and keep adding some work to it to keep you all busy!


Thank you for your support πŸ’™ x


Prodigy Scores- Week 1


12 of you have been busy answering questions on Prodigy this week. Some of you have been a little bit busier than others! Congratulations to Milly who answered 192 questions correctly! Liam wasn't far behind though!

I wonder if anyone can beat that score this week?



1st place: Milly- 192 correct answers 

2nd place: Liam- 142 correct answers 

3rd place: Elizabeth- 91 correct answers


Year 5

1st place: Milly (Dragonflies)- 192 correct answers

2nd place: Liam (Dragonflies)- 142 correct answers

3rd place: Alex (Red Squirrels)- 111 correct asnswers




Here are a range of websites that you can use to support whatever tasks you are doing at home:




Live P.E sessions with Joe Wicks - 9am Monday - Friday on YouTube. A perfect opportunity for children to “get active, bounce around and have fun” with the whole family! 




White Rose; they will be posting activities to complete, as well as at-home help videos to support Maths at home. All of the content on here will be in line with what the children would have been doing during these times if they were at school so are really valuable.


Maths 4 Kids - This channel on YouTube, upload videos to help with learning, these may come in handy.


Gareth Metcalfe - He is uploading live Maths lessons, to find out more go to the link, these will be starting from Monday.


Prodigy - your child has a login for Prodigy, this is a brilliant Maths resource and they can even battle one another!


The Maths Factor- made free until schools are open again. Maths activities, games and lessons from Carol Vorderman! 




                                     This sounds fun! David Walliams is reading a story every day! 



Topmarks - this website has a variety of games both for Maths & English that the children may enjoy.


Grammarsaurus- you can download another home learning booklet from here that is English based. Grammarsaurus also post some grammar videos on YouTube and I'm sure there is a particular favourite across the year group that you could show your parents!!




Harold – our happy, healthy giraffe mascot and a favourite with the children – will be posting a daily blog: Harold’s Daily Diary!

Each day he’ll be giving children positive, fun messages about what he’s doing to stay happy and healthy while he’s off school, separated from his friends. He’ll invite the children to join in with activities he’s doing.



General or a variety: 


Twinkl have a wide variety of free learning resources. They have also very kindly offered access to all of their resources with a 'One Month Ultimate Membership'. All you need to do is go to: and enter the code: UKTWINKLHELPS


National Geographic- have a look on here for up to date information and news, competitions and games!


Espresso - the school uses Espresso, your child has been reminded of this login, it has lots of activities on. 


Classroom Secrets have also uploaded free learning packs.


Teacher's Pet - Variety of free learning resource packs




The comedian Alex Horne is posting 3 fun/silly tasks a week for families to complete at home, you can record your attempt (keeping your clips under 1 minute) and Alex will choose a winner! Just post the video with the hashtag HomeTasking on Twitter!

Here is the link for Task 1: