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Year 5 Grey Squirrels 🦨

Hi Red Squirrels! 


I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the recent sunshine in your gardens!


In the Home Learning Packs that we sent out, there was plenty of work to keep you going for a while. Each day, you should complete one Maths, one English and one other activity. We have also put our e-mail addresses on the packs so that you can keep us updated with everything you get up to. We are looking forward to seeing what you can get up to! 

As well as doing some work, we want you to have some fun and make the most of spending some time together.


Keep safe and keep smiling Year 5, we can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Love Mrs Martin x


Parents, please remember that we are here to help you during these times. If you have any issues or any questions then please contact us and we will try our best to help. Feel free to keep us posted with what you are all getting up to- school related or not as it will be nice to hear from you!


Keep checking in. We will create some folders and keep adding some work to it to keep you all busy!


Thank you for your supportheartx

Update 19th July

Hello Red Squirrels. Well this is our last week of Year 5! Hasn't it been a strange time? It seems so long ago since our wonderful trip to London at the start of the year! Didn't we have an amazing time?!


When you come back you will be our new Year 6  - I wonder who the prefects will be ? 


It's such a shame that we didn't finish the year in our classroom together - I don't feel like we've been able to say good bye properly. But never mind, the most important thing is that we are all safe and well and we can catch up again September.


I am so proud of the way you have all managed this difficult time. You have been amazing.


I hope you all have a brilliant summer and don't worry about coming back to school, we will all look after you.

I look forward to seeing you all soon. 


Lots of love Mrs Martin xxx


Cameron and family- Fantastic 'Home Sports Day'. Go Blue team! What a great video to end the year with! Love it!

Still image for this video

'Bubble' Sports Day! Red team were the CHAMPIONS! Fantastic team work from you all. Well done!

Cam's been busy with Week 17's work again this week.

Cameron's letter from the boy to his mum from this week's writing task. Love it!

We had lots of fun at school today dissecting a lily to find the different parts - the stamen - the stigma - the anther - the sepal. Such concentration!

Prodigy Scores- Week 16


Red Squirrels

1st place: Cameron- 30 correct answers


Year 5

1st place: Robbie (Bumblebees)- 304 correct answers

2nd place: Leia (Dragonflies)- 72 correct answers

3rd place: Ethan-James (Bumblebees)- 43 correct answers



Update 5th July

Hello Red Squirrels - hope you've all had a super weekend. 

It was so lovely to have lots of you back at school last week - I know you all enjoyed being back with your friends and back to some sort of routine again! I loved seeing some of your great 'lock down ' hair styles!  Our classroom looks very different with just 9 children in there - but all the children liked sitting in rows with their own equipment!

Your work in the folders for Week 16 is the same as the work we will be doing at school this week. Keep trying hard at home - I know how difficult it is - you are nearly there - just three weeks to go!

Take care and keep in touch 

Love Mrs Martin xx

Some of our amazing art work at school this week!

Cameron's been busy at home again this week! Week 16

Prodigy Scores- Week 15


Red Squirrels

1st place: Cameron- 137 correct answers

2nd place: Ethan- 6 correct answers


Year 5

1st place: Robbie (Bumblebees)- 235 correct answers

2nd place: Cameron (Red Squirrels)- 137 correct answers

3rd place: Leia (Dragonflies)- 122 correct answers



Update 28th June

Hello everyone. Well I can't believe we are now putting on work for Week 15 for you all. It's been such a long time since we've all been together. I do miss you.

But it is going to be a little bit different for the Year 5 teachers this week ....... we get to see some of you at last!


HURRAY!! We are SO excited to see you on Wednesday! 


It was sad saying goodbye to my Year 6 'bubble' of children on Friday. They have been lovely to teach and we have had quite a few giggles together! But I can't wait to see Year 5 back again. You will find it quite different at first - but it's nothing to worry about and you will soon get used to it. It will be so lovely for you to see your friends again.  I might not be teaching some of my squirrels - but I will wave to you across the yard!


The work that we will be doing in class every week, will be the same as in the folders on this page. Maybe you can discuss it with the other Year 5's that remain at home and give them some tips and encouragement if they are stuck!

There are some lovely activities in the Week 15 folders this week - please keep emailing work in  - we love to see it.

See you soon smiley

Lots of love to you all


Love Mrs Martin xx

Cameron's wonderful wizard work and some Week 14 learning. I love the alliteration in the headline. How amazing it would be if our pets and wild life could communicate with us!! I wonder what they'd say?!Well done Cameron!

Katherine wrote a lovely description of what the tree would be observing in her garden!

Cameron's work on Black Lives Matter

Cameron reading his work so confidently.

Still image for this video

Prodigy Scores- Week 14


Red Squirrels

1st place: Cameron- 38 correct answers

2nd place: Ethan- 30 correct answers

3rd place: Millie- 8 correct answers



Year 5

1st place: Ethan-James (Bumblebees)- 266 correct answers

2nd place: Leia (Dragonflies)- 225 correct answers

3rd place: Robbie (Bumblebees)- 142 correct answers

14th June Update


Hello Red Squirrels - how are you all? I miss you. It has been lovely to hear from some of you this week - keep sending your work by email for us all to look at and share on our page. I'm so impressed with how hard you have all been working and keeping so positive. I love seeing your photos too!


I was in school last week with my little Year 6 ‘bubble’ of children. ( I wish you were back too!) They are a lovely group and we had a great week. On Friday, they were writing speeches as if they were Boris Johnson  - they were brilliant!

It’s strange at playtime, as the yard is all zoned off and my group can only play in their little 'sheep pen', as we call it!  We start at 8.30 and finish at 2.30 - so it’s all a bit different.

A duck has set up her home in the courtyard where the peace garden is and she has 4 babies - we love watching them every day and they are growing so fast! Mrs Howes set up a ramp and a big water tray and we were really excited the other day to see the mother duck walk up the ramp and swim in the tray, followed by one of her ducklings.

I'm going to be calling you all this week again - so hopefully we can catch up then.

Hope you enjoy the work in the Week 13 folders this week - looks like an interesting week.

Take care - keep smiling.

Love Mrs Martin xx

Milo meets Jazz and Bramble! (Miss Travers' dogs!) They had a great swim!

Prodigy Scores- Week 13


Red Squirrels

1st place: Cameron- 75 correct answers

2nd place: Claudia- 42 correct answers

3rd place: Aiden- 17 correct answers


Year 5

1st place: Leia (Dragonflies)- 208 correct answers

2nd place: Robbie (Bumblebees)- 206 correct answers

3rd place: Jakob (Dragonflies)- 191 correct answers

Looks like the whole family had fun with the snake bubbles this week! How amazing!

Ethan and Evie had a go too!

Prodigy Scores- Week 12


Red Squirrels

1st place: Cameron- 128 correct answers

2nd place: Ethan- 96 correct answers

3rd place: Aiden- 12 correct answers


Year 5

1st place: Ethan-James (Bumblebees)- 327 correct answers

2nd place: Robbie (Bumblebees)- 259 correct answers

3rd place: Cameron (Red Squirrels)- 128 correct answers


Chloe has been busy decorating and baking!

She also has a new rabbit - meet Poppy! Isn't she cute?!

Aiden's been baking! The finished result looks yummy! Well done!

Ethan and Evie have new gerbils! Meet Gizmo and Stripe!

Week 12 Home Learning - a story about Barry the Newark Book Festival Bookworm by Alex !

Cameron's potato shaker from Week 12's 'Try something different' folder. Well done Cam. I love it!!

Still image for this video

31st May -Update!


Hello Red Squirrels how are you all? I hope you've had a lovely half term. The weather has certainly been brilliant hasn't it? 


I have really made the most of walking around my village and found some lovely spots that I didn't even know existed! Yesterday we went for a great walk and Milo had loads of fun diving into the river to retrieve sticks! (we even saw some herons!)

We have also done lots of cycling, which I've really enjoyed , but not the hills!!


We are going back to school next week, but sadly you're not back yet, so I will have a group of Year 6 children to work with.


Please keep in touch and send us some of your work. Even just a friendly e mail to tell us what you've been up to would be lovely! Take good care of yourselves. Miss you.


Love Mrs Martin xx

Milo says "Hello squirrels!"

Prodigy Scores- Week 11


Red Squirrels 

1st place: Cameron- 83 correct answers

2nd place: Ethan- 56 correct answers

3rd place: Millie- 18 correct answers


Year 5

1st place: Ethan-James (Bumblebees)- 293 correct answers

2nd place: Robbie (Bumblebees)- 158 correct answers

3rd place: Leia (Dragonflies)- 102 correct answers

Super Home Learning! Keep sending it in - it's lovely to see what you've all been up to!

Prodigy Scores Week 9


Red Squirrels 

1st place: Aiden- 81 correct answers 

2nd place: Cameron- 32 correct answers 


Year 5

1st place: Ethan-James (Bumblebees)- 279 correct answers 

2nd place: Leia (Dragonflies)- 224 correct answers 

3rd place: Yusuf (Dragonflies)- 144 correct answers 


Wow! Cameron liked the ideas on the Topic page this week!smiley 

Check out Cameron's video of a tour of the art gallery in his garden. It's full of amazing pictures and Cameron tells you all about them. Just brilliant!

Prodigy Scores- Week 8

Red Squirrels

1st place: Aiden- 206 correct answers

2nd place: Roman- 186 correct answers

3rd place: Ethan- 108 correct answers


Year 5

1st place: Robbie (Bumblebees)- 222 correct answers

2nd place: Leia (Dragonflies)- 208 correct answers

3rd place: Aiden (Red Squirrels)- 206 correct answers

Prodigy Scores- Week 7

Red Squirrels

1st place: Ethan- 121 correct answers

2nd place: Harry- 80 correct answers

3rd place: Cameron- 22 correct answers


Year 5

1st place: Leia (Dragonflies)- 218 correct answers

2nd place: Yusuf (Dragonflies)- 182 correct answers

3rd place: Robbie (Bumblebees)- 139 correct answers

Hi Red Squirrels

I loved catching up with some of you today . It was great to hear what you've all been up to. I'm so proud of the way you have all made the most of this time and kept yourself so busy. Some of you have taken up DIY, painting fences and making flower beds.  There has been lots of bouncing on trampolines, running , boxing, xbox and zoom calls! I like the sound of all the cooking and baking too - I hope to sample some soon  ... although I'm not sure about Ethan's 'volcanic chicken'!!

I have been busy in my garden and have found some lovely new cycle routes near me (I've also learnt how to mend a puncture!) 

Milo is loving having us all at home and has walked miles! I was in school last week, it was so strange without you all there.


Hope to see you all soon. Keep emailing your work, we love seeing what you're up to. (

Love Mrs Martin xx


Look at Cameron's amazing positivity tree!

Cameron has been busy. He loved learning about the Rhiswanozebta in this weeks writing ( Week 7.) He has created the sharpamonota!! Love it! VE Day Celebrations UPDATE!!

Ethan has been busy too!

Ethan created the Dragnahcorn from this weeks writing! Great effort Ethan. 

He sounds incredible!

Getting ready for VE DAY celebrations looked fun too!

Ethan's Dragnahcorn description

Lilla's Sharpamonta!

Prodigy Scores- Week 6


Red Squirrels

1st place: Harry- 202 correct answers

2nd place: Lilla- 36 correct answers

3rd place: Cameron- 4 correct answers


Year 5

1st place: Ethan-James (Bumblebees)- 342 correct answers

2nd place: Yusuf (Dragonflies)- 266 correct answers

3rd place: Leia (Dragonflies)- 217 correct answers

Ethan and Milo say "Hello!"

Lilla tried something different this week - looks yummy!

Week 5 additional resources - BBC Bitesize 


In addition to the activities and lessons we have provided, BBC Bitesize are providing daily lessons. 1 maths, 1 English and 1 Topic lesson each day and they look great! Just follow this link to have a look at this week's lessons. 




Prodigy Scores- Week 5


Red Squirrels

1st place: Harry- 256 correct answers

2nd place: Ethan- 143 correct answers

3rd place: Lilla- 130 correct answers


Year 5

1st place: Harry (Red Squirrels)- 256 correct answers

2nd place: Yusuf (Dragonflies)- 221 correct answers

3rd place: Leia (Dragonflies)- 186 correct answers

Easter Greetings!

Hello  Red Squirrels - how are you all doing? I really miss you all. It seems so strange that today we would normally have been breaking up for Easter.


I have added some ideas and challenges for you to try out during the Easter break.


I would love to see some video evidence or photographs of you trying out some of these challenges ( particularly the dance, boot camp and song entry!!)

You should definitely try and enter the writing competition - you all have such lively imaginations! Let me know if you do.


I am fine and keeping busy. We have all been designing different exercise circuits in the garden and my piano playing is coming along well.

Jamie sent me a great link to a 'Learning French' App this morning, so I will give that a try too! 

I am  enjoying walking Milo and he is certainly enjoying having us all at home for the time being!smiley


Please send me lots of photos or videos and I will share them on our page for us all to enjoy ! 
Take good care of yourselves and don't forget  - we are all here if you need us.


Have fun 

Mrs Martin x


Useful Websites


Here are a range of websites that you can use to support whatever tasks you are doing at home:





Prodigy - your child has a login for Prodigy, this is a brilliant Maths resource and they can even battle one another!

It would be great if the children could access this as much as possible during this time as a fun way to maintain their mathematical skills and abilities.

We have already seen many of the children are logging on as the website gives us daily updates!


Maths 4 Kids - This channel on YouTube, upload videos to help with learning, these may come in handy.


Gareth Metcalfe - He is uploading live Maths lessons, to find out more go to the link, these will be starting from Monday.


The Maths Factor- made free until schools are open again. Maths activities, games and lessons from Carol Vorderman! 




This sounds fun!  David Walliams is reading a story every day!


Topmarks - this website has a variety of games both for Maths & English that the children may enjoy.


Grammarsaurus- you can download another home learning booklet from here that is English based. Grammarsaurus also post some grammar videos on YouTube and I'm sure there is a particular favourite across the year group that you could show your parents!!




Live P.E sessions with Joe Wicks - 9am Monday - Friday on YouTube. A perfect opportunity for children to “get active, bounce around and have fun” with the whole family! 



Harold – our happy, healthy giraffe mascot and a favourite with the children – will be posting a daily blog: Harold’s Daily Diary!

Each day he’ll be giving children positive, fun messages about what he’s doing to stay happy and healthy while he’s off school, separated from his friends. He’ll invite the children to join in with activities he’s doing.





Twinkl have a wide variety of free learning resources. They have also very kindly offered access to all of their resources with a 'One Month Ultimate Membership'. All you need to do is go to: and enter the code: UKTWINKLHELPS


National Geographic- have a look on here for up to date information and news, competitions and games!


Espresso - the school uses Espresso, your child has been reminded of this login, it has lots of activities on. 


Classroom Secrets have also uploaded free learning packs.


Teacher's Pet - Variety of free learning resource packs



The comedian Alex Horne is posting 3 fun/silly tasks a week for families to complete at home, you can record your attempt (keeping your clips under 1 minute) and Alex will choose a winner! Just post the video with the hashtag HomeTasking on Twitter! Here is the link for Task 1: